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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rock Cats to wear pink jerseys this Sunday

New Britain Club to Wear Pink Uniforms on Sunday, May 1st

New Britain, CT ( April 26 2005-- The New Britain Rock Cats will be teaming up with some of their most courageous friends and neighbors this Sunday afternoon (5/1) when they take the field wearing pink jerseys for "PINK in the Park Day" at New Britain Stadium. The Rock Cats will make this "colorful" change in their apparel to demonstrate their strong support for the 2005 CT RACE IN THE PARK, the statewide event to fight breast cancer that will be taking place on Saturday, May 7th at Walnut Hill Park in New Britain.

In addition to the Rock Cats coaches and players, breast cancer survivors and their families are encouraged to also wear pink when they come to the ball park on Sunday afternoon as they will be honored in a pre-game walk around the bases. An online auction will be held on the Club's website at the end of the 2005 season when fans can bid on the pink jerseys worn and autographed by the players. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to assist those engaged in breast cancer research and related support activities in Connecticut.

Currently the Rock Cats are 8-12 and sit at the bottom of their division, 6 games in back of first place Portland. So, I guess pink uniforms are just a formality at this point.


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Blogger Brushback said...

Jesus Christ-- what the fuck was that all about?

4/28/05, 10:22 PM


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