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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bush league bus team gives away 14 free passes

For Halloween, they give out Jackal-Lanterns Naming the team Grady Little probably wouldn't be much better

The "Grays", a road-only travelling squad in the independent Can-Am league, gave away a record 14 bases on balls on Sunday (5/29) in losing to the New Jersey Jackals, 13-6. Jackals leadoff man Michael Piercy alone drew five walks in the game. Almost suprisingly, the Grays' pitchers found the time to also give up 12 hits, in-between all of the walks they were handing out. Even more suprisingly, they are not the independent team that John Rocker (0-2, 7.71 ERA, 16 BB in the Atlantic League) pitches for.

The Grays are being run by the Can-Am league this season as a result of the Bangor Lumberjacks folding and the league assuming the operation of the franchise. The Atlantic League had a similar situation with the Pennslyvania Road Warriors, a team that played all of its games on the road for three years before finally completing a new stadium this season and finding a home as the Lancaster Barnstormers. The Road Warriors' won-loss records as a road-only team: 34-91 ('02), 30-95 ('03), and 23-103 ('04).