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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Drop That Puck

NHL Players Start To Speak Out On Cancelled '04-'05 Season


Detroit Red Wings goalie Manny Legace, in a newspaper interview: "The whole thing is a farce. We basically sat out for nothing, wasted a lot of money for nothing. It makes no sense to me. They (union leaders) had the right intention. They made everyone buy into what they told us. Now it seems like they're giving up everything just to start the season on time. If we're going to give up all this now, why wasn't the union smart enough to get a deal done sooner? I lost $1.3 million. What was the purpose? We hurt businesses downtown, we hurt fans, we hurt everybody - for nothing. I feel bad for those people. I could understand if we were still sticking to a cause. What reason did we sit out for? It doesn't make sense." Los Angeles Kings forward Sean Avery, in the LA Times: "We burned a year for nothing. We didn't win anything. We didn't prove anything. We didn't get anything. We wasted an entire season. We underestimated how rich the owners were. Nobody thought they would be willing to burn a season. They won. They beat us. We owe the fans everything, we need to get them back, we need to cross our fingers that they will come back."

Ovechkin Trying To Leave Russian Champs Dynamo For Omsk


Washington Captials' draftee Alexander Ovechkin (the #1 rated pro prospect according to Hockey's Future) is trying to leave Russian Super League champions Dynamo Moscow for Avangard Omsk. Ovechkin makes vague references to "financial obligations not being met" in interviews, suggesting that Dynamo Moscow, the top team in Russia last season (and therefore, without the NHL, probably the top pro hockey team in the world) isn't paying all of its bills on time. There are also reports of Dynamo having lost a good number of players in a bidding war with Avangard and Ak-Bars this off season. This probably has no impact at all on North American hockey, especially if the NHL does start playing again and most of the NHL players who are playing overseas come back to North America anyway, but over in Europe it's big news right now.
"Avangard Omsk Declare War on Russian Champions" (
"Ovechkin Saga Continues" (
Interview with Ovechkin (and team officials) on
The stuff on makes especially interesting reading, since it delves into the intense rivalry between some of the Russian Super League teams.