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Monday, July 04, 2005

Hate The Islanders!

Taken from Larry Brooks' column in the July 3rd edition of the NY Post:

The New York Islanders franchise isn't reducing its prices by so much as a nickel for season subscribers, who received their renewal invoices last week. In fact, instead of a reduction, the season subscribers received a warning that any renewals not paid in full by July 29 would be subject to a further $50 surcharge.

Ah, the Fan Friendly NHL, where payrolls are capped, but ticket prices aren't. Psst. Remember. It was all about the fans.

The Islanders-- who have not won a playoff series since 1993-- were sixth in the NHL in '03-'04 with an average ticket price of $53.14, a 49 percent increase, by the way, imposed since going to the playoffs in 2002. The Islanders' average was exceeded by only 5 teams, lead by Detroit at $57.11. The New York Rangers, by the way, have an average ticket price of $44.58, and the Rangers are lowering their prices for this season by at least 10%.

The lockout was about the NHL owners' demand for "cost certainty", meaning owners wanted their expenses set at a fixed amount, which presumably would trickle down in some benefit to the ticket-buying public. But now that the NHL might finally resume playing again soon, the Islanders are giving their season ticket holders (who had to wait while the lockout dragged on for months and months before being refunded all of their '04-'05 ticket money back) less than a month to pay for the upcoming seasons' tickets, or they'll be penalized $50.

Not really a way to say "Thanks for waiting, we hope you come back, and here's an incentive to re-consider making the NHL a part of your family's entertainment budget", don't you think? Never mind that fans were just given the opportunity last winter to learn how to forget about the NHL and find other things to do while it wasn't around. Not to mention, as Brooks noted, that the Islanders made the playoffs for the first time in many years in 2002 and then quickly doubled their ticket prices, based upon the promise of an improved, winning team of course, while they were falling right back to struggling with a borderline team on the ice the past two seasons.


Blogger Brushback said...

The Islanders have since announced that they will install a $10 ticket price for 3000 seats at each of 10 select games during the first half of the upcoming season (mezzanine tickets are normally $25 each).

When he announced the new ticket price, Islander President Charles Wang said that this will give families the chance to see an NHL game in person, which is nothing like watching the games on TV. Actually, I sat in the middle of the second deck at a New Jersey Devils game once, and I can say that the view on TV is way better.

Most likely the 10 games picked will be along the lines of Tuesday night vs. Nashville, but I can't fault the Islanders for making an effort at least.


7/17/05, 3:42 PM


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