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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pay attention, this is important

Thanks for the nice fancy-dan header, guys

The American Hockey League today announced a multi-year partnership with B2 Networks to offer fans around the world the opportunity to watch AHL regular-season and Calder Cup Playoff games on B2 Networks' broadband broadcasting network.

All 1,080 games (plus playoffs) played in the AHL during the league's upcoming 2005-06 season are scheduled to be available worldwide for just $6 (US) per game. Fans will be able to watch the action while listening to their own team's audio
(Oh, you mean the audio feed on the Pack web site that, when you try listening to a game on it now, keeps cutting out every 15 seconds? Yeah, that one) on the live broadcasts. Any fan worldwide with a high-speed cable modem, T1 or DSL broadband connection and Windows Media Player 9 or higher will be able to view the games through the links to be provided on the official Web sites of the American Hockey League ( and all 27 of its member teams.

Gee, six bucks a game doesn't sound like an awful lot to see Peoria play Grand Rapids *cough cough*.