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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rock Cats can't climb out of cellar

Rock Cats vs. Norwich at Dodd Stadium

A daily check of the Eastern League standings has shown the same thing for two months now: New Britain in last place in their division, always either 3 or 4 games behind the next-to-last place team, the Norwich Navigators. A four-game series in Norwich this week meant the Rock Cats would have a good chance to finally climb out of the basement at the expense of the Navigators, but New Britain turned in a Jeckle-and-Hyde performance that left them right where they started. Monday: 9 runs in the 8th inning (and a 4-for-5 day by the light-hitting catcher, Bryan Kennedy) give the Rock Cats a blowout 14-2 victory. The next day (Tuesday): Norwich shuts out New Britain on 4 hits, 8-0, as the Rock Cats pitchers hand out 10 walks. Wednesday: New Britain's lopsided, scoreless ways continue as they are down 10-0 to Norwich after 6 innings. The Rock Cats reverse the trend with 6 runs in the top of the 7th, but leave 2 men on base in the 9th on their way to losing, 10-6. Today (Thursday): Out-hit in the game by Norwich, 8-4, New Britain scratches out a run in the 9th on a sac fly to win, 2-1.

As Estrelas Agora Elas Estao Mortas Rock Cats- still in the cellar

She works at Orange Julius but it's also a Dairy Queen Ratt- Out Of The Cellar

gettin' jiggy wid it Stray Cats- not anyplace anyone cares about

New Britain has shown more life lately than they were earlier in the year, at least, with the additions of mid-season call-ups Felix Molina (.323 since being called up from A-ball on June 17th) and Denard Span (13 hits and 10 walks in 12 games since his own call-up from Fort Meyers).

The Rock Cats are still in last place, though.