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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tyutin and Kondratiev returning to Rangers

The machine ate my quarter! Tyutin Puttin' on the foil Kondratiev

New York Rangers defensive prospects Fedor Tyutin and Maxim Kondratiev will start the upcoming hockey season in New York, rather than staying to play in Russia (or possibly even returning to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the AHL), according to the always informative

According to the official websites of Russian Super League clubs Lada Togliatti and SKA St. Petersburg, New York Rangers defensive duo Fedor Tyutin and Maxim Kondratiev are on their way back to North America to rejoin the NHL club. The young defensemen were part of the Hartford Wolfpack’s top defensive pairing before returning to Russia when it became clear that the NHL season was lost. The two have established themselves as top four defensemen in the RSL, though Kondratiev did face a bit of controversy down the stretch when he was disqualified from the playoff finals due to the minute presence of ephedrine in his blood because of a cold medication he took a week earlier. Still under contract with the New York Rangers for another season, both young players will likely start the season in the NHL.

Talk is cheap but I still can't afford it Kondratiev fighting!

Meanwhile, #1 Russian prospect Alexander Ovechkin is saying that he'd prefer to stay in Russia one more year to play in Omsk than join the Washington Capitals in the NHL:

What do you get when you cross a lake with a leaky boat? About half way across

Ovechkin's comments

"Personally, I set a goal for myself to play for Avangard. I think that my wish will be realized... if the court would accept my contract with Avangard, than I would stay in the Super League for another season. However, if the court would decide that I have to stay in Dynamo, than, perhaps, I would pack my stuff quickly and go to the NHL."


Blogger Brushback said...

Word is that Ovechkin has changed his mind. According to, Ovechkin is reportedly excercising his option to void the contract with Omsk, and is negotiating a contract with the Capitals to play in Washington this year. Perhaps the fanfare being directed at Sidney Crosby convinced Ovechkin to prove himself in the NHL this year. Or maybe not. 7/20/05

7/20/05, 7:54 PM


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