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Monday, August 22, 2005

NHL suspends signing of Russian players

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The Russian web site has posted an article stating that an edict has been issued by Gary Bettman, instructing that NHL clubs are "not to take any Russian players who have acting contracts." Not knowing exactly which players are under contract to any Russian clubs, I can't say if this affects any crucial players, or for how long. Presumably a clearer version of this announcement will be on soon.

( Aug 23, 2005 - The Commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman, has directed all clubs in the league an instruction not to take any Russian hockey players who have acting contracts. Because of the non-participation of Russian side in the agreement between the NHL and IIHF about just compensation and the means of maintaining players, naturally, there can be no discussions. It is also forbidden to conduct any negotiations with the Russian clubs about the acquisition of any players, i.e., no one can conduct the discussion about the purchasing or trading of any contract. At the same time, Commissioner Bettman does not exclude the possibility of the fact that Russia nevertheless will enter the IIHF agreement.