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Friday, August 12, 2005

NY Rangers Prospect Report

To hell with you, I'll make my own people just released their "Rangers Prospects Report", which might contain a little bit of mucky-muck (it is, after all, where the best kind of news is no news at all), but some of these players might be in a Wolf Pack jersey this season, which is why I'm posting it here. Here's a brief overview of what was written about some of the players:

LW Nigel Dawes - "Said to have the best hands in junior hockey and was voted runner-up as Western Hockey League player of the year. He's very strong, he's good at going to the net, and he's proven he can score goals."
G Henrik Lundqvist - "Lundqvist has represented Sweden in seven different major international tournaments. He's had five seasons in the top Swedish league and might have come to North America a year ago. He fills the net to the point where you couldn't get a pea past him sideways."
G Al Montoya - "Completed three seasons at Michigan before turning pro. He will be a solid, solid goaltender in the NHL. His lateral mobility has improved under the tutoring of Benoit Allaire."

You May Get All The Ladies But I Got My Shit Together Hugh Jessiman Suddenly, Everyone's A Smoker Nigel Dawes

C Jarko Immonen - "A well-balanced skater with good hands and a blistering slap shot. He plays a strong two-way game, he passes the puck well and his vision is terrific."
RW Hugh Jessiman - "6-foot-6 and 220 pounds. The scouting reports just glow. He uses his size along the boards, crashes the net, plays strongly both ways, makes open-ice hits, sets up teammates and has a heavy shot with a quick release."
C Petr Prucha - "An excellent skater with sharp moves and terrific puckhandling skills. One-on-one, he's a nightmare for opposing players. He has no fear and plays with great instincts."

I'm playing as fast as I can, you heard it slow Petr Prucha

Hockey's Future has the Rangers ranked 7th in their "NHL Organisation Rankings". (Don't blame me, that's how they spell it.) They list the top 5 Ranger prospects as D Fedor Tyutin (8.5), G Henrik Lundqvist (7.5), G Al Montoya (8.0), RW Josef Balej (7.0), and C Jarkko Immonen (7.0). Click here to see the "Organizational Depth Chart", listing all of the Rangers' prospects, according to Hockey's Future.