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Monday, August 15, 2005

Pat Neshek's Sidearm Delivery

We're not useless, we're just fucked up Kevin Pataky photo

Yesterday, the Rock Cats' Pat Neshek recorded his 20th save of the season in New Britain's 6-5 win over Harrisburg. Neshek is 5-3 on the year as a reliever with a 2.07 ERA and 81 strikeouts in 69.2 innings, and is now 5th in the Eastern League in saves. Neshek developed his sidearm delivery style after an old high school injury, which he discusses on his web site,

Just ahead of Neshek on the Eastern League saves list is Altoona's Justin Kaye, who flipped me off once while he was pitching for New Haven (and it's not as if I'm that much of a heckler, really), so we're hoping that Neshek picks up a bunch more saves over the remaining 4 weeks of the season and kicks Kaye's ass in the standings. Since Neshek seems like a pretty decent guy, and we don't really have anything else better to do today, we're naming him the Official Pitcher of Sidearm Delivery. (You can watch Pat's pitching motion over in the sidebar, in a video from his web site.) Congratulations, Patrick!

Stay On Your Side Of The Internet:

For the past three or four years, Henry Yu has written a column for Maximum Rocknroll (does anyone still read MRR? If so, why?). He also has several blogs-- one of which, Cardboard Compulsion, is an overview not of the rare punk records that Henry owns, but of the mailers that the records came in. I'm guessing that when Henry buys magazines it's not for the pictures or the articles; instead, he buys them for the staples.

...My Name Is Kevin Seconds, and this is "my own personal way to include myself in your life somehow ." Apparently, "putting out a record that's worth buying" didn't make the list.