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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Peterborough Patriots vs. the Charlestown Chiefs-- brought to you by Sheehan's Rustproofing

I laid my head down, and now my wallet's gone Good luck with the NCAA, pal

Yesterday afternoon, before heading out to New Britain Stadium to see the Rock Cats beat Norwich, I was watching an actual "live" hockey game through a link provided by, as HKm Zvolen beat the Frolunda Indians 2-0 in the final game of some tournament over in Europe. The Frolunda Indians, from Goteborg, Sweden, had NHL'er Tommy Salo in net; I couldn't tell who any of the HKm Zvolen players were, but last season they had Michal Handzus and Richard Zednick on their team, when they made it to the finals of the Slovakian "ExtraLiga" hockey league. I guess there's nothing quite like watching a hockey game in August between a Swedish team and a Slovakian team with French announcers.

At one point during the game the trim at the bottom of the rink boards came loose, and a guy wearing shorts and white lab coat carrying a cordless screwdriver had to come out and fix it. I'm sure his bare knees were in pain after kneeling on the ice for the literally 5 minutes or so that it took to make the repairs. There was an award ceremony after the game, and a bunch of the players were given bottles of wine; one of the players (I think he was from the third-place Italian team) promptly dropped his bottle onto the ice, smashing the bottle to pieces all over the place and leaving a huge pink stain. I bet they don't invite the Italians to play ever again.


Blogger Brushback said...

Although I didn't recognize him on the ice in the game that I watched, former Hartford Wolf Pack player Johan Witehall is playing for Frolunda this season ('05-'06).

11/5/05, 2:04 PM


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