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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ready To Fight

I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous

It seems the long-awaited "Hockey Gladiators" or "Hockey Enforcers" contest finally got off the ground last weekend, playing in Canada after a few failed attempts to license the event in the US. None of the participants would've been recognizable to the casual NHL fan, and none were even active players in any sort of legitimate affiliated pro hockey league, save for maybe Jason Bone (recipient of the infamous "You! Suck! Bone!" chant from New Haven's Section 14 fans when he played for Adirondack of the UHL). The prize money was legitimate, though: the winner of the event, Dean Mayrand, took home a hefty $62,000; the second place guy got $25,000.

I like hockey fights almost as much as anyone, and a lot of my favorite players are the ones who can drop the gloves when it's time. Hockey fights are exciting to me mostly because they punctuate the storyline of a game; either starting as a reaction to an incident that happened on the ice, or flaring up during a crucial part of a game as a means to get the team and the crowd going and cause a change in the game's momentum. Stripped of any context, though, which the "Hockey Enforcer" fights were, and they become pretty much irrelevant.

It wasn't even just that; the "Hockey Enforcer" combatants wore helmets and gloves, and the fights were stopped if a helmet fell off, which isn't how real hockey fights go anyway. About the only good thing I can say for the event is that they ripped off the lyrics to Underdog's "Say It To My Face" for one of the graphics on their website. Old School!

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"...say it to my face!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So basically, I can just drive to Danbury to see this anytime during the season for peanuts instead of buying an airplane ticket to Canada?

9/2/05, 12:18 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Danbury would not only be cheaper (tickets to "Hockey Enforcers" ranged from $21 to $200 in Canadian Monopoly money), but probably a lot more interesting, too. To me, "Hockey Enforcers" isn't much more than some old tough guys from the corner bar beating the heck out of each other for 30 seconds, only with a lot of extra laundry.

9/2/05, 2:09 PM


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