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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rock Cats free-falling towards last place

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Like a drunken Yankees fan plunging from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium, the New Britain Rock Cats' playoff hopes have taken a tumble lately. The Rock Cats have almost zero to show for a crucial 7-game homestand that started last Friday against two teams ahead of them in the division, the Trenton Thunder and the Portland Sea Dogs. The Rock Cats have lost the last five games of the homestand, including getting swept by Portland in a double-header yesterday, and have gone from a half-game back of Trenton and 3 games out of a playoff spot (the top two teams in each division make the Eastern League playoffs), to trailing Trenton (now in 2nd place) by 4-1/2 games and the division-leading Sea Dogs by a whopping 10 games.

Most of the Rock Cats' troubles during this homestand have followed the same pattern: a Rock Cats error to extend an inning, followed by a run-scoring double or a long ball or two by the other team, leading to New Britain surrendering a bunch of big innings early (27 runs allowed over the 5 games coming in the 5th inning or sooner). With only four more weeks left to play in the season (the EL regular season ends the first week of September), it would be quite a feat for the Rock Cats, who now stand at 11 games under .500, to finish with a winning record, not to mention clawing their way back into playoff contention.


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Blogger Brushback said...

Only, today is Wednesday.

8/10/05, 5:04 PM

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Blogger Brushback said...

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As for the final game of the Rock Cats' homestand last night, they fell short against Portland, 7-6. Portland scored 5 runs in the first inning. Binghamton won their game, putting New Britain perilously close to the cellar again (1-1/2 games ahead of last place).

8/11/05, 5:03 PM

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