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Monday, August 22, 2005

Saddam Hussein Offers Up Soul

AMMAN (AP) August 21, 2005 - Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has said in a letter he would sacrifice himself for Arab nationalism and to end foreign occupation.

“I (offer) my soul and very existence to the Arab cause and liberation of our homeland from foreign liberation,” the former Iraqi leader said in the undated letter that was heavily censored by the U.S. military which holds him on behalf of the Iraqi government.

Just in case, the Foreign Services and Trading Exchange has set the value of Saddam Hussein's soul at 115 IQD (Iraqi Dinar), or about 8 cents US. So far there has yet to be any takers, though several days of passing the hat amongst the people of Iraq has lead to a counter offer of 20 IQD (roughly, one US penny) for Saddam to promise never to be photographed walking around in his underwear again.