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Monday, September 19, 2005

Big Snake Update

I hate music, it's got too many notes

Hartford Wolf Pack fans might remember a forward named Robin Big Snake, who had a tryout with the Wolf Pack last pre-season but was cut on one of the final days of training camp. Not a couple of weeks after that, Big Snake was bounced from his Canadian junior team, the Portland Winter Hawks, for insubordination. He ended up finishing the season in juniors with the Owen Sound Attack, scoring 20 goals in 48 games.

It turns out that Robin Big Snake was in camp this month with the Detroit Red Wings and might have another shot at playing in the AHL this year, according to an article that appeared last week in the Detroit News:

Robin Big Snake is attracting a lot of attention around training camp for his name and style of play. Big Snake, a 6-foot, 219-pound forward who is in camp on a tryout basis, made two big hits on Chris Chelios during a scrimmage and was one of the better players at the prospects camp.

Big Snake, 21, is from the Siksika Nation, which is an hour east of Calgary. He is half-Cree and half-Blackfoot. "I get a lot of that (questions about the name). Big Snake is a pretty cool name and I'm very proud of my name."

If Big Snake continues to impress, he could end up with the Wings' minor-league affiliate in Grand Rapids.

The Kids Will Have Their Say Big Snake (in white) slugging it out in juniors

The Red Wings released Big Snake on Saturday (3 days after the article was written), but the Griffins don't open camp for a few more days, so I supposed it's still possible that he could end up skating with them later in the week. As a 21-year-old, he has no more junior eligibility left.

At the very least, whomever Big Snake ends up playing for will be in line to sell an awful lot of t-shirts and jerseys.


Anonymous pricklypear said...

"Big Snake slugging it out in juniors"

Now that's dirty!

9/19/05, 3:12 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Actually, "Big Snake slugging with it out" would be dirty, but I try to run a clean blog here. We're not Deadspin.

9/19/05, 3:59 PM

Anonymous the queen of england said...


We are not amused!

9/20/05, 12:08 PM

Anonymous pack attack said...

I for one am amused. brushback is a laugh-riot.

And good luck to Big Snake

btw - my work verification on this post is pudhrdtn. I'm amused by this too.

9/20/05, 5:10 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I have a jersey that says that on the back.

No, wait-- that's "Purinton".

9/20/05, 6:28 PM

Anonymous pricklypear said...

Apparently in Lichtenstein "Purinton" means "pile of shit". It's true! I looked it up.

9/22/05, 3:00 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I'll be sure to never wear the jersey whenever I visit Lichtenstein, then.

9/22/05, 4:29 PM

Anonymous pricklypear said...

Don't even bother to pack it, dear, unless you enjoy those full cavity searches at customs.

9/26/05, 12:40 PM


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