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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Datsyuk: "I do not want to go into arbitration"

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Pavel Datsyuk, as quoted on the Russian site

"I want under no circumstances to go into arbitration. I did not want for my matter be examined in the court of law. Let Dynamo and Avangard settle the matter peacefully between themselves. Or, they will go into arbitration, not to resolve my matter, but to introduce changes or additions into the League regulations.

"To play with Avangard was my personal choice, and now I want to carry out my commitment to Omsk. I signed a worthy contract with the Hawks (Avangard Omsk). I did not have any remaining obligations with Dynamo. When I concluded the agreement with Omsk, it was then that both sides were brought into the situation. But I did not place a black mark against the Dynamo Moscow club, by leaving them. Instead, I took a new step towards my goal, by accepting to play for the Hawks."

Datsyuk conceded that it was still possible for him to leave for North America: "Now that this situation has occurred, I can't say for sure that I will remain in Russia. I do not know which directions all of those involved will decide to take afterwards."

The scheduled arbitration hearing in the Avangard/Dynamo dispute over Datsyuk had been rescheduled from the 13th to the 20th, because the League officials have been in Portugal attending meetings with the IIHF regarding the Olympics and other matters. The officials who would be ruling on the Datsyuk case also want the extra time to examine the paperwork involved, to see whether or not Dynamo has filed its contract offers to Datsyuk correctly.

As for the other prominent Russian holdout, Ilya Kovalchuk, his contract talks with Atlanta have stalled to the point that Thrashers GM Don Waddell may fly to Russia to meet with Kovalchuk personally.

In the meantime I would like to say that tomorrow's Pavel Datsyuk announcement on this blog site has been cancelled, as I am starting to run out of photos to use.

UPDATE 9/16/05: Russian Hockey Digest has posted a better version of Datsyuk's comments, taken from the original interview with Soviet Sport.

UPDATE 9/20/05: The arbitration has been continued to another date, according to this brief report in

The PKHL arbitration committee conducted its session on Tuesday. The examination of Pavel Datsyuk's matter has been transferred. The precise date of the next session in this matter will be named tomorrow.

Also, Red Wings GM Ken Holland is quoted as saying on Monday that he believes Datsyuk will be back in Detroit sometime next week, and that he will play in the NHL this season. Holland acknowledged that he hasn't spoken with Datsyuk since Sept. 5th, but that he's had recent conversations with Datsyuk's agent.


Blogger Brushback said...

Today on, the team president of Avangard is quoted as saying that the team will try to negotiate a fair settlement outside of the courts, rather than using force through arbitration.

Datsyuk's agent revealed to the Detroit News that Datsyuk's Russian contract does not have an "out" clause, but that he also doesn't have a valid contract in Russia right now either.

9/16/05, 11:42 PM


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