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Monday, September 26, 2005

In Russia, everything's illegal

Silly rabbit, tripping is for teenagers

Pavel Datsyuk, you're a bad man

Presumably to be filed under That Horse Has Already Left The Barn:

About an hour ago in there appeared the following statement, given by the Vice President of the Russian Hockey League, Vladimir Shalayev, regarding the dispute that is still in ongoing arbitration between Avangard Omsk and Dynamo Moscow over Pavel Datsyuk:

"In general, agent activity is forbidden by Russian legislation. This is instituted in the Super League by the corporate agreement between the clubs. Any other way is incomprehensible. Why, then, did the leaders of Avangard and Dynamo chose to conduct negotiations with Gary Greenstin (Datsyuk's agent), who does not have a license to work in Russia? From his interview for a Detroit newspaper, it became clear that Greenstin desired only to raise the price of Datsyuk. This behaviour casts a shadow upon all remaining people of this profession. Soon the Russian Hockey League will develop new, more rigid requirements for the work of agents in Russia so that in similar cases this no longer would be repeated."

So there you have it-- it was all the shifty American's fault! Now that we have that settled...

In other news from the Super League, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl currently sits in first place with a 6-0-0-1 record. Lokomotiv is led by former Hartford Wolf Pack goalie Steve Valiquette (have I mentioned that before?), who is 6th in the Super League with a 1.80 GAA and .924 save pct. over 5 games. Evgeni Malkin of Metallurg Magnitogorsk (and the Pittsburgh Penguins, eventually) leads the league so far in scoring with 10 points (4g, 6a); Ilya Kovalchuk of Khimik is only a little bit further down the list with 7 points (5g, 2a).


Blogger Master Cuttle said...

9/26/05, 10:14 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Thanks for sharing. Now go away.

9/26/05, 10:36 PM

Anonymous pricklypear said...

Check out Wallykett! He's doing a great job - not that there was any question of that.

9/27/05, 12:07 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

The RHL arbitration committee has ruled that if Datsyuk was to return to Russia he'd have to play for Dynamo, which is probably more than enough motivation for Datsyuk to remain in North America forever now. I'm not including a link to this information because I'm presuming that few people actually care at this point.

10/4/05, 11:08 PM

Blogger Brushback said...


Another ruling body in Russia has overturned the RHL's arbitration decision, and awarded Datsyuk's Russian playing rights back to Avangard Omsk.

11/24/05, 11:11 PM


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