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Friday, September 02, 2005

Jeff Hamilton jilted by Ak Bars

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Jeff Hamilton, who was second in points on the Hartford Wolf Pack last year, apparently just recently tried to catch on with Ak Bars Kazan of the Russian Super League but couldn't. The Russian site posted this bit of news earlier today, under the heading, "Jeff Hamilton from the AHL club Hartford will not play on Ak Panther":

Said the Vice President of the Kazan club, Ravil Shavaleyev, "There actually was a proposal made to have this player on the Panthers (Ak Bars), but then to us it became unnecessary; therefore we forego Hamilton." Thus, Ak Panther remains as before, with only one foreign player, Canadian goalie Fred Brathwaite.

Hamilton lead the AHL with 43 goals playing for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers in '03-'04, and also set an AHL single-season record for game-winning goals that year with 15. Last year ('04-'05) he signed on with Hartford after the start of the regular season and posted 52 points (23 goals, including another 10 game-winners, and 29 assists) despite missing about 20 games. At the time, it was understood that Hamilton was able to sign an AHL contract with Hartford only because of the NHL lockout, and that he would still be New York Islanders property once the lockout was over. Because of that I'd have to presume that this year Hamilton would be back with the Islanders and playing in Bridgeport again, except that he's not yet listed on either roster (Islanders or Bridgeport), or on's NHL "Team Tracker" next to either the Islanders or the Rangers as a free agent. On top of that, his player profile on is listed under "Islanders", but reads "New York Rangers". Geez, doesn't anybody want this guy on their team?


Anonymous pack attack said...

Someone should pick up the Ooompa Loompa. Unfortunately I think he is a life-er in the AHL.

9/6/05, 6:42 PM


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