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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The latest on Datsyuk

Send lawyers, guns, and money-- the shit has hit the fan

These are some statements that I pulled from an article in Soviet Sport, dated September 12:

"Today's position of Avangard is: we sent in three statements already to the PHL, indicating that Dynamo did not carry out a new contract with respect to Datsyuk according to PHL regulations, since the proposal was not granted in written form within the 10-day period. We ask the PHL to make a decision in accordance with the law, and they promised to examine the question in arbitration next Tuesday before the supervisory board of the Super League. It is already clear that Pavel will not participate in the match between Avangard and Dynamo on Sept. 12."

"Detroit: '$7.6 million for two years, or play in Russia!' The Vice President of Detroit, Jim Devellano, placed the ultimatum before Pavel: either sign an NHL contract for the money that we give, or remain in Russia. The American media is reporting that Devellano has gotten tired of the commotion around Datsyuk, and will not increase the contract proposal. $3.8 million per year will make Pavel the second-most wage earner on the club. 'This is good money for Datsyuk', said Jim Devellano. '$3.8 million is 10% of the club's payroll. Pavel is an excellent young player, and he is important to us. But because of our playoff failures in 2003 and 2004, the entire coaching staff was let go. Datsyuk scored 0 goals in those 16 playoff games. If Russia offered him $6 million, let him play there, and I'll drive him to the airport. We do not intend to change our conditions.'"

"The Michigan newspapers also quote some anonymous Detroit players expressing bewilderment that Datsyuk can request more than $2.5 million per year. In response to a question posed by the Detroit News, 66% of Detroit fans would rather the team allow Datsyuk to leave, and instead use the money to sign other players. It is obvious that Detroit will not make any more concessions to Datsyuk. If he decides to return to the NHL, they will accept him with open arms. If not, they will forget about him until the following spring."

Even though I tend to side with the Russians more than most people, I think it's good that Detroit is sticking to its guns now, if only to establish a precedent favorable to the other NHL clubs that might later find themselves in a similar situation.

For more on Datsyuk and the Russians, scroll down to the Datsyuk back to Dynamo? post, which has been recently updated.


Blogger Brushback said...

This is from the Avangard Omsk web site, "There will now be arbitration, we will await its resolution. It was to take place on the 13th, but it has been moved to September 20."

9/12/05, 4:14 PM

Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

9/12/05, 7:02 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Thanks, and likewise. Don't forget to tip the barmaid on your way out.

9/12/05, 9:02 PM


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