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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Sidney Crosby Media Blitz Is Getting Out Of Hand

You're still curious, that's why you worry us

When you read this bulleted item that appeared on Deadspin this morning, you might click on the link thinking that it leads to a seasoned analysis of what seems to have been an off-night suffered by Sidney Crosby in his NHL pre-season debut:

• NHL: Penguins’ celebrated draft pick less than terrific in overtime loss to Bruins. Hockey, we’ve missed you, you big lug.

I mean, Deadspin is a vastly superior web site/fake sports blog with a ton of resources, right? Presumably they've tracked down a blog entry that can give us some useful insight on Crosby's initial game experience in the NHL-- did he seem to be skating well with his linemates, did he get much ice time on special teams, did he show any positioning flaws or other mistakes-- stuff like that. Instead, what you get is an crappy wire report posted by some blog on the gawd-awful Least Useable Network:

Sidney Crosby scores an assist in his Penguins pre-season debut tonight in their minor league affiliate host city Scranton, Pennsylvania.

"The boss" said he was impressed, but Mario had doubled up his young protoge scoring 2 assists in the OT loss to the Boston Bruins.

"I was anxious to get started," Crosby said. "There was so much anticipation. I wanted to get in the routine of playing games. It was just nice to be on a team, not competing against these guys in camp (but) trying to work together to win."

And that's it-- completely unremarkable, and nothing anywhere near a description of a "less than terrific" performance by Crosby... just some blowhard at Deadspin trying to make controversy out of nothing, it seems. Linking directly to the wire story would've had the exact same effect, seeing that the blog entry had no extra commentary, except that Deadspin has an obvious interest in shilling for Most Valuable Network, for whatever reason.

If anyone feels like reading a different blogger's viewpoint of how Crosby's debut went, try this blog entry and the Providence Journal story found here, for starters. There's also's story, with this quote from Lemieux: ""He was one of the best players out there, skating-wise and handling the puck."

On a separate note, I'd like to give my personal thanks to all of the blog writers who have lined up in nearly unanimous numbers (Can't Stop The Bleeding being the lone exception) to champion Deadspin to their readers as being a great web site, instead of the big pile of suck that it actually is.


Blogger maura said...

are there seriously people outside of gawker's blogroll and those 'on the dl' girls who *like* deadspin? i thought that calling its author 'knowledgeable' was some sort of huge inside joke that had been birthed at the magician one night.

deadspin's unfunny-snark-masquerading-as-'sports knowledge' tone, though, seems to guarantee that will leitch will get a personal invite from summer sanders for the upcoming season of 'the sports list.'

9/22/05, 10:39 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Maybe some of the blogs don't actually like the Deadspin site as much as they're saying they do (and if they actually took the time to read the frigging thing, how could they?), but they all know what's up: give Deadspin a positive mention, and in very short order they'll post a link to your site and give you a big sloppy wet kiss back. Apparently, when it comes to holding your nose and giving Deadspin a plug, traffic is more important than integrity.

I know from my own tracking that as soon as I'm involved with anything Deadspin-related (either through a reference here, or leaving a comment on someone else's site), my blog gets visited from someone at Gawker/Deadspin within 20 minutes. So, they're monitoring what's being said about them by other blogs very ruthlessly.

9/22/05, 11:05 PM

Blogger maura said...

that quickly, huh? impressive. (and, no doubt, something that will get those referer-log spammers running to their keyboards.) if only deadspin's authors read the sites they're citing as closely as they did their logs ...

9/22/05, 11:44 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

The better that Deadspin monitors the discussions that are happening outside their walls, the better Deadspin will be able to play kissy-face with all the smaller blog sites that they plan to keep stealing most of their content from. But something tells me that you already know all of this.

And you're right, about the Summer Sanders thing, and "On The DL"; for a web site that claimed early on that they weren't interested in being another ESPN Hollywood-style gossip site, it didn't take long for Deadspin's writers to start falling back on "We think this athlete is gay, we think this one is hanging out with groupies"-type stories once their pathetic lack of originality left them without anything better to write about...

9/23/05, 12:33 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Getting back to Sidney Crosby, here's an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that does an even better job of describing Crosby's performance on Wednesday:

Crosby gets one assist but puts on show

Here's a sample: Crosby was a presence virtually every time he stepped onto the ice. His speed and skill and instincts were evident on just about all of his 16 shifts.

Hardly "less than terrific", is it, Mr.

9/23/05, 1:40 PM


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