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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Who pays attention to these things, anyway?

I'm pretty sure that people generally don't bother to click on any of the links that I post here, so I've decided to highlight some of my favorite sites in a little more detail. Maybe it'll encourage some people to check these sites out (I'm sure most of them already have plenty of readers, but still); at the least, I'll be able to point out some of the sites that I like but haven't added to the blog roll just yet (because I think the blog roll list looks dumb when it gets too long, and I wanna keep things looking spiffy around here).

Byron kills me, but then I'm not uptight like most people are. Check out Taco Bell haters for starters, and if you think that's funny then try Does Kanye bufu John Legend?. Maybe this is a hip-hop site, but his reviews of indie rock stuff like The New Pornographers' latest CD always crack me up.

Geek On Stun can get pretty silly at times, but they've been on a serious roll lately with posts like We Don't Give A Shit What It Plays and Gashapon A Go Go ("At times like these, when people are suffering, crass consumerism for plastic shit is more important than ever"). Just start from the top and read the whole site-- it's a total riot.

Sports blogs are pretty dense in general (especially the ones on the Most Valuable Network, which should be avoided like cancer). Two that I've found that are actually somewhat clever are Heels, Sox & Steelers and Red and Black Hockey. If you find any others that don't suck, please feel free to pass them along.

Goonblog is relatively new, but it looks pretty sharp so far, plus it's mostly about hockey fights so it can't be all that bad. At the tail end of one of his recent posts, Chris asks an interesting question that some of you might want to go onto his site to comment on: "Why are guys that have been in the NHL reluctant to drop 'em in the AHL?"

This might be pretty sorry on my part, but almost every Friday I check out Tale of Two Cities' Blue States Lose, a "gallery of fucked-up hipsters" (i.e. photos of some really drugged-up fruity-looking people) punctuated with cruel descriptions like, "We can't say we were wondering what a hipster Coyote Ugly would look like, but at least we now know that it would look around 73% retarded."

Hallmonitor is one of the few music blogs that I check out regularly, only because the guy knows how to write, and it's a really good-looking site, too. The sparse black-and-white layout reminds me of some of the fanzines that I used to like years ago.

Zisk actually still is a fanzine, and Zisk Online is the blog that goes with it. If you just read the blog, you're missing out on half the site; there's tons of good stuff over in the "Previous Issues" section, which is an archive of all of the print issues of Zisk, the zine. Zisk is also an offshoot of Go Metric!, a long-running publication that's always been one of the best music zines out there.

And, as always, Can't Stop The Bleeding and Agony Shorthand are my two favorite blog reads; all the best blog writers are people who used to do punk fanzines, anyway. (To hell with all those self-whoring, market-positioning "Internet Writer" stooges!) Agony Shorthand had a post about a month ago on obscure fanzines from the '80s and '90s that was pretty interesting, especially in the comments string. Can't Stop The Bleeding can match any site for serious sports commentary, but also has endless amount of quick jabs like Buster Douglas Boxing Never Got A Sniff and Gift Horse, Meet Mouth to be even more worthwhile.


Anonymous PricklyPear said...

ixnay on the ufubay - I read this stuff at work!

However, I do believe that Kanye West ufubays just about anyone's bu he can get.

9/13/05, 12:47 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

CSTB is cracking me up today. He's got a couple of things on there about Deadspin that are hysterical:

Willfully Ignorant Fop Continues To Flaunt Fatuity
Slash Smeared, 'Spinster Desperate For Content

9/13/05, 3:48 PM

Blogger d-lee said...

Thanks for the kind words.

9/14/05, 1:42 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Hey, you're welcome. Thanks for noticing!

Today's post on "Geek on Stun" is the best one yet, by the way. Check this out:

Xbox Lifestyle Promises We're Looking Forward To Having Fulfilled

9/14/05, 4:38 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Another cool link: Tom Benjamin's NHL Weblog has a great post regarding the NHL media...

9/16/05, 2:58 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

This post on "Jes Gőlbez's Hockey Rants" is hilarious. Check it out!

9/16/05, 4:18 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Here's a relatively new Edmonton Oilers blog that shows a lot of promise, even if the name is kinda gross:

Covered In Oil

I see that old Messier photo of him with Gary Coleman is starting to make the rounds again.

9/17/05, 2:56 PM

Blogger Brushback said...


Check out the newest Blue States Lose, it's hellacious. After this last link, you'll have to go to Tale of Two Cities on your own each week, though.

Oh wait, I forgot-- nobody actually clicks on these things.

9/18/05, 9:58 PM


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