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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Apparently, Christian Dube Doesn't Care What You Think

Dope smokin' moron, don't make me yawn
Christian Dube models his SafetyDent. We're not freaking kidding!!

In between the photos of hockey forwards playing in Switzerland with their stupid-looking mouthpieces, there's a lot of cool stuff to be found on the Internet (and I'll get to the site that caused me to reminisce about Christian Dube in just a second). The following are some darn good web sites that I've stumbled onto in the past month or so, and while none of them are necessarily new, I've heard little enough about them before, which makes me want to highlight them here.

Hockey Draft Central is an amazingly informative site that provides an easily-navigated historical reference on the NHL Entry Draft, sorted by team or by draft year. Besides some interesting historical oddities, like the profile of Mets pitcher Tom Glavine, a 1984 draftee, you can also look up information on the yearly drafts from a number of different angles-- which year's drafts contained the most Hall-of Famers or All-Stars, or how many players from a particular year's draft are still active in the NHL, or how many players in a given year were drafted out of high school. The site is a work in progress and they've only completed 1963 through 1985 so far, so you won't be able to look up any of the Rangers' top draft picks from the 1990's that haven't panned out (Pavel Brendl? Christian Dube? Manny Malhotra? Jamie Skidmark?), for instance. Other than that, there's just about every other detail that you could think to ask for, including detailed yearly stats and awards for the players' careers up to the time they were drafted, decorated with team logos and so forth.

NHL Uniforms has illustrations of pretty much every jersey every used in the NHL going back to 1917, which makes it a really fun site to just browse around on. Not everything on the site is in plain view, intentionally, so as you're looking around you'll stumble onto some cool things, like the jerseys that the Quebec Nordiques never had a chance to wear. Or try to imagine Tony Twist trading punches in this East Coast League-looking jersey from '95-'96, which were prepared for the St. Louis Blues but never actually worn by the team (supposedly because coach Mike Keenan put his foot down and wouldn't allow it):

There's no mass appeal/Carton's asleep at the wheel

If you look at the pictures from the more recent decades closely enough you can see the manufacturer's logo on them, which can help if you have a souvenir NHL jersey from the '80s or '90s made by Starter, Nike, Pro Player, or whomever, and you'd like to figure out approximately which year the jersey might be from.

Bush League Factor is an often hilarious site that assigns ratings to minor league hockey team logos, based on various different factors. Perhaps not a suprise to anyone but Paul Lukas, the lowest-ranked team logo is from Connecticut's own Danbury Trashers:

Checking his stash by the trash on St. Mark's Place
"It's a fucking trash can! And is it my imagination or do the arms look like Mickey Mouse's?"

Bush League Factor gives poor marks to another local team, the Springfield Falcons. Scott reviews the Falcons' newest logo, but also has this to say about their previous logo:

I don't FEEL tardy...
"That one featured lettering that looked like something a high-school kid doodled in his notebook in the mid-80's. Not to mention that something about the eyebrow (think about that one for a second: the bird had eyebrows)..."

Whether you agree or disagree, it makes for some interesting (and damn funny) reading.

By the way, there's a new link in the sidebar for CtWebLogs, which as you can probably figure out is a site that monitors a whole bunch of Connecticut blog sites. Give it a look-- it's a good site, and they do a really nice job.


Anonymous pricklypear said...

I really like that NHL jerseys website. If you go through the decades year by year all you have to do is scroll over the team images to see who won the cup. It also gives a lot of history of the league in general. I found it much more interesting than just reading long, drawn out essays full of stats, etc. This way I can just look at the pretty pictures, find out who won the cup, find out who went out of business or was bought out or moved. For instance, I found out that the NY Islanders won the cup their first year in the league. Interesting stuff.

10/27/05, 2:53 PM

Anonymous pricklypear said...

Actually, it wasn't the Islanders. I can't remember who it was. I guess I'm no good at learning this way either.

10/27/05, 3:09 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

The St. Louis Blues went to the Finals in their first year of existence, though only because all of the expansion teams were placed in their own conference, insuring that at least one would appear in the finals.

The Boston Bruins swept the Blues that year, when Bobby Orr scored "The Goal".

At least, I'm pretty sure of this-- I didn't bother to look it up and check, I'm just relying on my memory.

By the way, PricklyPear, thanks for the tip on the the Navigators/Defenders story.

10/27/05, 8:42 PM

Blogger ķíçĶĩċē said...

See, this is why I like scanning your blog - how else would I have ever seen pictures of them crazy Swiss and their crazier mouth guards!!

As for Christian Dube, for some strange reason, I had an autographed card of his. NO idea why. I sold it on Ebay the other week - yes, someone actually bought it.

10/29/05, 6:56 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Man, I would've bought an autographed Christian Dube card, if it were, like, 99 cents or something.

I'd put it right next to my die-cast Wolf Pack Zamboni autographed by Jamie Lundmark.

10/29/05, 11:59 PM


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