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Saturday, October 01, 2005

"The greatest danger could be your stupidity"

...or so said a fortune cookie that I read once. Something tells me that Gary Bettman gets this fortune in his cookie all the time.

It's 1980, can't you afford a fucking haircut?

The photo above is of NY Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, trying out the new form-fitting jersey that the NHL wants all their goalies to wear, supposedly so they'll stop fewer pucks. Never mind that I've never seen a piece of cloth hanging a few inches from underneath a player's armpit have the ability to stop a hard rubber puck moving 90 miles-per-hour. Never mind that, when a shot is directed at their body, goalies will tuck their elbows in close anyway (as Sidearm Delivery's favorite goalie, "Psycho Dan" Cloutier, is doing here), which makes the width of their jersey meaningless.

My god can beat up your god

At the most, all this will do is increase merchandising sales by giving the teams another special jersey to sell, while serving as a very visible reminder to casual fans that the NHL is really, really trying to increase scoring. Of course, if the NHL really is serious about wanting to increase scoring, they could create a lot more open ice just by widening the rinks an extra 15 feet to the European dimensions. It'll take a lot more than fortune cookies for that to happen, though.