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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pack beat Sound Tigers, 3-2

Death to false metal Al Montoya (Chris Rutsch photo)

Any doubts that I might've had about Al Montoya before this season started were pretty much erased Saturday night, as he played a spectacular game in beating the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, 3-2. Montoya stoned any scoring opportunities the Sound Tigers had all night-- cutting down angles instantly, seeing the puck well in traffic, and showing some amazing athletic moves and quickness-- and didn't let a puck get past him until Bridgeport's 51st shot of the game trickled underneath his pads with only about 3-1/2 minutes left in 3rd period. Bridgeport's second goal was practically meaningless, coming with 8 seconds left after Hartford had already sealed the win on an empty-netter by Ryan Hollweg.

The jig is up, the point is moot, I got a fuschia latex suit Petr Prucha

With the Rangers wanting to take a closer look at recent acquisitions Fedor Fedorov and Jeff Taffe by giving them some ice time in New York, Czech forward Petr Prucha was sent down to Hartford in order that he could continue to play regularly as well. In his Wolf Pack debut last night, Prucha right away showed the skills that make him an impact player, scoring 8 minutes into the game when he drew two Bridgeport defenders out of position, faking Rob Collins into moving towards the middle while Prucha was already darting behind him and burying the puck past Wade Dubielewicz, the Bridgeport goalie. This came right after Prucha had created an earlier scoring chance that led to his taking a quick, hard shot from the slot, only Dubielewicz was able to stop him that time. Prucha showed more skating strength and quickness later in the game when he stripped one Bridgeport player of the puck and then in the same move split two defenders to set up a breakaway chance.

(I'd been practicing the proper pronounciation of "Prucha" all day, supposedly with the hard "ch" that only Eastern Europeans know how to do, but still couldn't get it right. The Wolf Pack PA announcer, Don Steele, just used the generic "PRU-ka".)

The game also featured the first fight I've seen all season, after 6 games already, when Ryan Hollweg beat up Kevin Colley with about 8 minutes to go in the third period. As soon as the gloves were dropped, Hollweg quicky tied up Colley by his jersey and then pulled Colley's jersey over his head (the old Stu Grimson move), so that Colley was barely able to get in even one punch the entire fight. Hollweg's goal late in the game came when Prucha carried the puck down the right-hand side and selflessly slid the puck over to Hollweg as the two of them skated mostly alone towards the undefended Bridgeport net, allowing the gritty forward the easy empty-netter.


Anonymous Goonblog said...

Did you see Brantt Mhyres smoke Hollweg in the playoffs last season?

10/31/05, 4:12 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I didn't see Hollweg end up on the short end of things much at all last season, but since Mhyres would sort of tower over Hollweg, I guess anything's possible.

If I remember right, I only managed to get to one game during the Lowell series, which is probably why I missed the fight you're talking about... I never thought that the Wolf Pack would get knocked out in the first round, after setting a franchise record for wins during the regular season.

10/31/05, 9:34 PM

Anonymous pack attack said...

The fight in question happened in the first period of game#3. This was the "misconduct game". Almost every major penalty had a misconduct tacked onto the penalty.

I remember the fight, and do not remember Hollweg getting "smoked". If I remember Mhyers is a tall dude, and Hollweg did all right.

10/31/05, 9:48 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Unless it's a clear-cut demolishing, who "won" a hockey fight a lot of times depends upon which side of the ice you're standing on.

I almost chuckle sometimes when a player knows he's losing a fight and starts to wrestle and hang on, causing them both to lose their balance and fall to the ice, and then the crowd cheers as if this "takedown" means a victory.

Goonblog is probably right, and Myhres could've easily had the upper hand against Hollweg that night, but to me that doesn't change the fact that Myhres is a stiff.

10/31/05, 10:20 PM

Anonymous pricklypear said...

"but to me that doesn't change the fact that Myhres is a stiff."

Plus, he doesn't even know how to spell his last name.

11/1/05, 9:16 AM

Anonymous Goonblog said...

PP. Sorry. I always screw up Myhres' last name. I always move the H and Y. Anyway, the fight in question was in the "misconduct game". Hollweg hit Myhres with a questionable hit, at least Myhres thought it was, and they dropped em. Myhres smoked Hollweg, as he should have. I happened to be sitting in front of Trevor Gillies who was a scratch. He was less than pleased, and went storming down the stairs under the arena after the fight. I thought fro sure he was going to the Lowell dressing room for a piece of Myhres.

11/1/05, 10:32 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Actually, I think PricklyPear was kidding that Myhres can't spell his own name right, referring to the goofy spelling. At least, I hope so.

The reason why I say that Myhres is a stiff is because, for a supposed enforcer, he doesn't drop the gloves enough; plus for a guy his size, I've never really seen him take anyone apart.

11/1/05, 1:31 PM

Anonymous Detroit Velvet Smooth from Moncton said...

I agree. Myhres was a huge disappointment last season. Nice guy to be sure, but a total bust.

11/2/05, 10:06 AM

Anonymous Velvet Jones said...

Kicked in the Butt by Love!!

11/2/05, 5:11 PM

Anonymous pricklypear said...


I was indeed remarking on the funny way Myhres is spelled just as a name in general. I actually had to look back at the comments to spell it right in this post.

11/3/05, 9:42 AM


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