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Sunday, October 02, 2005

We have to be better, we live here

Half-naked and three-quarters wasted Springfield, Mass.

They say that Springfield exists only to make Lowell look pretty. However, the Springfield Civic Center by itself is looking pretty darn spiffy these days, thanks to an impressive renovation. Actually, it's called the Mass Manure Center now, or some such shit (Wheee, I made a pun! I'm P.J. freaking O'Rourke!). Anyone who had been to the Mass Manure Center when it still looked like a high school gymnasium might be suprised to find that there's a modern video scoreboard hanging from the rafters now, replacing the old picture boards with the "Lite Brite" L.E.D.-enhanced retro '70s styled "Pong"-type graphics that they used to have. The building looks almost completely different, inside and out. Well, except for those chicken-wire fence-looking things in each corner of the arena near the ceiling, but you can't get rid of all the ugly, lest people forget they're still in Springfield.

The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock Jebediah Springfield (not really)

I was at the Mass Manure Center yesterday because I was watching the Wolf Pack lose to the Springfield Falcons in an exhibition game, 5-4. Hardly anyone else was in attendance to be able take notice of the new surroundings, as there were literally only about 50 people in the stands when the puck was dropped, though it filled in a bit later on. Maybe everyone besides us knew not to show up early because of the retarded nu-metal crap they still play over the loudspeakers during the pre-game warm-ups. I mean, I know we're in Massachusetts, but it's still not as if anyone needs to hear three different Staind songs in the same 20 minutes (Wheee, I dropped a band name! I'm Chuckie freaking Klosterman!)

Fewer people in the stands meant more of a chance for us to snag errant practice pucks during the warm-ups, though, so we snagged three of those, which put us up about 2 for the night on Chris Holt, the Wolf Pack goalie. Holt has now given up 10 goals in the two pre-season games I've been to, which maybe explains why his jersey number is 8-1. Holt did get a lot of rubber thrown at him, though; Hartford took an early 2-0 lead, but then were outshot in the second period something like 18-6, as the Falcons scored three goals in the period.

She works at Orange Julius but it's also a Dairy Queen Colby Genoway

The game was supposedly on the B2 Network that the AHL is using for internet video broadcasts now, but I only saw one small video camera on hand, so it couldn't have been much of a feed. As for the Wolf Pack, Alex Giroux scored again, and Colby Genoway continues to play well this pre-season, scoring the 4th goal for Hartford that sent the game into OT. I could go out on a limb right now and say that Jake Taylor might not be such a liability as this season progresses. No such luck with Martin Grenier, though.


Anonymous pack attack said...

The name "Holt" means a fox lair among tree roots. Its an olde english word which is a variant or corruption of the word "hole". It seems as though the Wplf*Pack's new goalie, Chris Holt, should be called "5-holt".

Glad to hear springfield has a hockey house than can be proud of. If they ban mullets in the building it will be real classy.

You mention the music. It seems to me at one game last season the guy playing the music was stuck on playing The Steve Miller Band, as during the course of the game he played every song from the Fly Like An Eagle albumn.

Good report brushback

10/4/05, 7:01 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Cripes, I think they did play a Steve Miller song (the "pompatus of love" one) during a break in the game. I know that the Falcons have a sponsorship tie-in with the local classic rock station, or at least they used to, which is why they're always playing that kind of music in-between whistles.

The nu-metal stuff during the pre-game warm-ups, though, that's another thing. Almost every arena does it, but at least most of them update the playlist frequently. In Springfield, every song they played was at least 3 or 4 years old, and it's all stuff that hasn't aged very well.

Who knows, maybe it's a good thing that Disturbed get half a penny in royalties every time the Falcons play a home game.

10/4/05, 8:29 AM


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