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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Wolf Pack get Fedor Fedorov... maybe

You're always up to no damn good, up to my neck in Hollywood

On Friday, the Rangers traded hot-and-cold prospect Josef Balej and a conditional draft pick to the Vancouver Canucks for hot-and-cold prospect Fedor Fedorov, the younger brother of Sergei Fedorov. Jes Gőlbez, who knows all the important hockey stuff that no one else knows, summed up the trade from the Vancouver perspective this way: "Balej had a golden opportunity to make a weak Rangers squad and couldn't do it. So, the Canucks trade one floating malcontent for another, except the floating malcontent we get has less potential."

The official press release says that Fedorov will play in Hartford, though indications were that Fedorov demanded a trade because Vancouver refused to give him a one-way contract. Only the day before, Fedorov had left the Canucks to work out with the Vancouver Giants, the local Canadian junior team.

Needless to say, Fedorov brings a bit of baggage with him, including the label of being soft and a cherry-picker. Over this past summer, Fedorov walked away from Spartak, his Russian club, in order to join Metallurg Magnitogorsk. The dispute eventually had to be settled in arbitration, and included an episode where the Russian club (Spartak) completely lost contact with Fedorov-- in effect, Fedorov was missing for about a week. Fedorov was also scratched for one game against the Czechs during the 2005 World Championships in April/May, and while Fedorov was playing in the AHL a couple of years ago with the Manitoba Moose, he received a 10-game suspension for curfew violations, as well as a letter from PETA for being seen wearing a fur coat around town (the fur turned out to be fake).

Burgermeister Meisterburger
Fedor squaring off against Vladislav Boulin

From a article, titled "The Ultimate Enigma":

"Time and time again, Fedorov has proven to be a hockey team's ultimate dream, while simultaneously being its worst nightmare. At 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, he has shown the offensive ability to dominate a game and the potential to be a superstar in the NHL. Yet on some nights... well, as Brian Burke recently told reporters after watching Fedorov play for the Moose, "You couldn't have found him on the ice with a pair of binoculars and a bloodhound."

"Obviously, I have some bad habits," Fedorov acknowledged.


Blogger Brushback said...


Dope that I am, when I posted the above photos I didn't even remember that I own Vladislav Boulin's '03-'04 Dynamo jersey.

That is all.

10/11/05, 7:14 PM

Blogger Adam Sušovský said...

Hi, My name is Adam, I am from Trinec /Czech republic. I am ice-hockey fan, Josef Balej is our player now. Can you tell me anything about him? You can left me a message on e-mail or icq 313-480-419

5/22/08, 4:27 PM


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