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Friday, November 11, 2005

Dynamo To Be Left Out In The Cold

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NHL: "Winner of Stanley Cup won't play European Champion, if it's Dynamo"

As had been discussed in an earlier post, the NHL and the International Ice Hockey Federation are tossing around the idea of the Stanley Cup-winning team and the winner of the European Champions Cup meeting in a playoff. It had already been speculated that if the Russian team, Dynamo Moscow, were to win the EC Cup (to be held this January), they would not be allowed to participate in the NHL - IIHL playoff-- a "punishment" resulting from Russia's refusal to ratify the player transfer agreement between the NHL and the IIHL.

A brief interview with Bill Daly, Exec. VP & Chief Legal Officer of the NHL, which appeared earlier today in Sport Express confirmed that speculation:

(from the article) The Vice President of the NHL, Bill Daly, in a conversation with Sport Express, stated that the match between the holder of the Stanley Cup and the winner of the European Champions Cup will not take place if the European tournament is won by the Russian champion, Dynamo Moscow.

Unfortunately, Russia did not sign the agreement between the IIHF and the NHL. But can there still be negotiations about other matters, even without this formal agreement?
Daly: It's only possible now to make an assumption, based on "ifs". If in January one of the countries that signed the agreement with the NHL wins the European Champions Cup, then a possible match between the winning European and NHL teams can be discussed. But if Dynamo Moscow wins the tournament, there won't be any discussions.

Having the NHL team play against the second-place team from Europe isn't a possibility, either. This must be "champion against champion".

What if one assumes that Russia will eventually enter into the NHL - IIHF transfer agreement?

Daly: And when would that be? We are ready to negotiate at any time. Anything else, though, would fall under the same category as "if".

Ah, well-- I guess the Cold War isn't really over.