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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fedor Fedorov rumor mill continues to grind

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The entire New York Rangers team, led by Jaromir Jagr, joined in the celebration that preceeded Fedor Fedorov's scuffle in a Tampa Bay nightclub, according to an anonymous source in Sport Express:

Two weeks ago, after a game between Tampa Bay and the Rangers, the players on the New York club left to celebrate their victory in a night club, where Rangers forward Fedor Fedorov was beaten. The version that was given in the Florida press of what had occurred was that one of the club's employees attacked Fedorov at the entrance to the club, after which Fedorov, with injuries to his cheekbone and a broken nose, left the club after refusing medical aid and without filing any charges.

Our source in the NHL, which asked to remain anonymous, gave some more details about what had occured. It turns out that it wasn't just a few Rangers players, led by Fedorov, who were on hand to celebrate the victory over the reigning Stanley Cup champions, but rather the entire team. Furthermore, the trip to the club was co-ordinated by a group of Czech players, led by Jaromir Jagr.

The events were as follows: Fedorov left the group of players by himself, and upon exiting the club was suddenly struck a severe blow from behind by one of the visitors to the club (Fedorov's nose was not broken, however). The other Rangers players, being some distance away, were not able to assist Fedorov in the scuffle. No other patrons of the club were involved in the assault, as was reported by the Florida press.

Several days ago a detective in charge of the investigation into the assault was able to locate the person who struck Fedorov, according to our information. In spite of what was reported in the press, he is not an employee of the night club. However, Fedor Fedorov so far has no intentions of continuing this matter, and refuses to comment. The remaining Rangers players have also agreed not to discuss their activities in the night club, except for a few details authorized to be in the press by acting captain Jaromir Jagr. Fedorov is now playing with the Rangers' farm team in Hartford.

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In the same edition of Sport Express, Mighty Ducks GM Brian Burke gives an interview in which he denies any personal feelings were involved with him trading Sergei Fedorov to Columbus:

When Sergei Fedorov headed for the free agent market in 2003, Brian Burke, then general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, responded in this manner to a question about acquiring Sergei so that he might join his younger brother on the Canucks: "We already have a Fedorov, and that's one Fedorov too many." SE: So this means, you continue to assert that your dissatisfaction with Fedor Fedorov is in no way connected with your dislike-- Burke: (interrupts) No, no, no, nonsense! SE: This means, there is no personal vendetta? Burke: There can be no argument about this. I have nothing to say about Sergei but kind words. He is a good fellow, and a good hockey player."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright. Who called the spin doctor?

11/29/05, 10:22 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I'm trying to read between the lines here on the Fedor Fedorov thing, and one of my guesses is that some Tampa fans in the club took offense at the Rangers players' loud celebration, but didn't dare to start anything while the players outnumbered them in a group. Once Fedorov wandered off on his own, a fan jumped at the opportunity to get in a sucker punch.

I can't even guess at what the Rangers players might've been doing up 'til then that would make them want to cover it up amongst themselves, other than just brotherhood and team loyalty.

As far as Brian Burke goes, I wouldn't expect him to say anything different to the Russian press. Burke probably thought it was pretty tacky for Sport Express to even bring up the theory that he traded Sergei because he dislikes Fedor-- though I can presume that with the level of status that a player like Sergei Fedorov carries over there, it's not suprising that the Russian press would fuss over these kinds of details.

11/29/05, 1:30 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I've just noticed that Hockey Rodent has posted the latest on the Fedorov nightclub incident, from the Sport Express report, also.

One way to look at this might be that Fedor is "taking a hit for the team", in more ways than one.

11/29/05, 2:43 PM

Anonymous Jimmy Olson said...

"I've just noticed that Hockey Rodent has posted the latest on the Fedorov nightclub incident, from the Sport Express report, also."

Isn't what you really mean is, "That bitch stole my story and didn't give me credit for the link"?

12/1/05, 6:11 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Got no proof.

12/1/05, 8:32 PM


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