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Friday, November 04, 2005

Fedor Fedorov would return to Russia

Everybody's dressin' funny, color me impressed Fedorov, #81

According to a report that ran earlier today in Sport Express as well as on the Metallurg Magnitogorsk team web site, current New York Rangers forward Fedor Fedorov would likely return to Russia to play for Metallurg if the Rangers were to try to send him down to the AHL.

Metallurg's General Director, Gennady Velichkin, is quoted as saying:

"We will retain our rights to Fedor Fedorov. We have an agreement with the player that if he does not succeed in remaining on the Rangers roster, then he will not leave for the farm club but will instead return to Metallurg."

Metallurg currently sits in first place in the Russian Super League, with a 16-3-3 record.

After Fedorov scored 5 points (1 g, 4 a) in a 5-game tryout with the Hartford Wolf Pack last month, the Rangers signed him as a free agent to a one-way NHL contract, which allows Fedorov to refuse a demotion to the minors. After three games with the Rangers, Fedorov has no points (with only 2 shots on goal) and six penalty minutes, while averaging a bit less than 10 minutes of ice time per game, and it appears that the Rangers' gamble in bringing him to New York will most likely end as a bust. Even beyond the lousy statistics, reports on Fedorov's play while he's been with New York have hardly been glowing, which you can see when you read far enough along this post and this post on the Hockey Rodent web site.

Even the comments posted on the Metallurg web site (at the bottom of the article I linked to above) in response to Fedorov's possible arrival are less than enthusiastic, leading one fan to half-heartedly defend Fedorov this way: "In spite of his human qualities, as a player he's not very bad."

Meanwhile, Josef Balej, the player the Rangers traded to Vancouver for Fedor Fedorov, has 3 goals and 3 assists after 9 games with the Canucks' AHL farm team, the Manitoba Moose.


Anonymous pack attack said...

Good catch, O scanner of the Russian Hockey web-pages.!

Does FEDral Express have service to Russia? If so, then ship FedFed out with great haste.

11/5/05, 8:00 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I was as thrilled as anyone to see Fedor Fedorov play in Hartford for those couple of weeks earlier in the season. Still, even I can admit that Prucha and Immonen (to name a couple of other young forwards in the Rangers' system) are much better players than Fedorov at this point.

Something's up with this guy when even the Russian fans aren't all that taken by him.

11/5/05, 8:43 AM

Blogger Brushback said...


The top paragraph of this article in Sport Express, dated 12/1, says that Metallurg will give up on Fedor Fedorov if he doesn't decide to return to Russia within the next few days.

Magnitogorsk's General Director, Gennady Velichkin, says "Fedor is a good hockey player, but time passes and we have not heard from him. There probably isn't any sense in waiting much longer. The regular season has now gone on for three months, and the players that are on the team now have proven themselves to management already."

12/1/05, 9:05 PM

Blogger Brushback said...


A new report in Sport Express says that Magnitogorsk has now official dropped its claim to Fedor Fedorov.

The report goes on to say that Magnitogorsk claims to be in "heavy negotiations with one player from overseas that we cannot name."

12/15/05, 9:20 PM


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