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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pack lose to Baby Pens, 5-4

Just listen while I'm dissin' cuz you're pissin' me off
Martin "Wooden Indian" Grenier takes a hammering to some fool. Note that Grenier has allowed his hard plastic elbow pad to slide down to his wrist on his throwing arm, an old fighter's trick. That HURTS when it hits. (Chris Rutsch/HWP photo)

In a game that saw no less than 4 fights, way more than I'd seen in all of the other games I've been to this year combined, the Hartford Wolf Pack lost to the nearly undefeated (13-0-1) Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins on Saturday night, 5-4. Following two shaky efforts from Chris Holt on Wednesday and Friday, Bernd Bruckler put in his second straight start in goal for the Wolf Pack, looking good at times and not so good at others. The Wolf Pack had been on a 6-0-1-1 run before the day Al Montoya broke a finger in practice, and have lost 4 straight games since.

Michel Ouellet game-winning goal for the Pens in the 3rd period came after he stole the puck and carried it down the right side with the Pack's Jeff Taffe remaining a step behind the whole time, seemingly uninterested in making any more of an effort to stop the play. Earlier in the 3rd period Dan Carcillo scored the Penguins' fourth goal when the usually solid Bryce Lampman went down into his shot-blocking stance too soon, allowing Carcillo to skate on past and find an easy path to the net. The Penguins almost added a 6th goal on an empty net, but Colby Armstrong held onto the puck a bit too long, perhaps intentionally, and the buzzer sounded just before the puck slid across the line.

Alexandre Giroux kept his 6-game scoring streak alive, scoring a goal late in the 2nd period which at the time put the Pack up 3-1. Thomas Pöck made a beautiful set-up on Giroux's goal, winding up to fake taking a slap shot and then in the same move directing a pass over to Giroux, who sent home a wrist shot one-timer from one knee, Brett Hull style. Jarkko Immonen scored his 7th goal of the season on another bang-bang play, Jeff Taffe feeding Immonen from behind the net. Dan Girardi added two assists for the Wolf Pack, giving him 3 points in two games to go along with a +4 since being called up from Charlotte to replace the injured Joe Rullier.

Keep all sissy soft suckas off my corner Rutsch photo

Martin Grenier fought the Penguins' 6'-6" David Koci twice in this game, to very little effect each time. The main event was Craig Weller's bout with old man Dennis Bonvie, the AHL's all-time leader in penalty minutes. Weller withstood a flurry of 5 or 6 punches landed by Bonvie, in between throwing two long flurries of his own in winning by a clearcut decision. The fourth fight of the night was a good one, also, as David Liffiton beat up on Dan Carcillo, who appears to be another annoying little punk-ass twerp in the mold of Brendan Walsh, only with a bit more scoring talent.

The referee for tonight's game was NHL ref Kerry "Fonzie" Fraser's son, Ryan Fraser-- all 3'-6", 80 lbs. of him. Ryan appears to be a bit smaller than one of his dad's industrial-sized cans of hair spray. At one point during the game, Ryan stood in front of the black-and-white Advance Auto Parts sign that's along the boards, and nearly disappeared from view.