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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Jeff Jacobs Buys The Monorail

Set 'em up til we're dead

This recent Jeff Jacobs column in the Hartford Courant, while based upon the very real possibility of MSG losing its lease with the Civic Center, is otherwise so full of horseshit that it deserves to be ridiculed:

Circle Jan. 21 in red. No, better yet, circle Jan. 21 in Whalers green and blue. That's the deadline - the Wolf Pack's 20th home game - for the Connecticut Development Authority to exercise its option on the Civic Center agreement with Madison Square Garden. If the CDA elects to terminate, MSG and the Wolf Pack would leave at the end of the current AHL season.

This is a chance for a capital city to define itself. A billion dollars have been poured into a Convention Center, a huge hotel, etc., and what is our big selling point to outsiders? A science center? Casinos an hour away?

How about taking another shot at the major leagues?

Howard Baldwin brought the CDA a proposal nearly a year ago, looking to rebuild the market, reduce CDA expenses and to immediately launch an NHL campaign and a regional TV sports network for Connecticut. The Penguins expect to leave Pittsburgh in 2007 and Kansas City and Houston already are lining up. There are other franchises available. Baldwin would start with the AHL Whalers to prove to the NHL that hockey can draw here, while working with UConn and others on a sports network a la NESN to define our state market. The Connecticut Whalers of the NHL?

Do we dare to dream it for the Civic Center?

Since Jacobs seems to enjoy repeating himself-- recycling the same old fantasy story of Howard Baldwin riding in on a white horse and saving Hartford by resurrecting the Whalers-- I will, too:

(From the Jeff Jacobs gives Howard Baldwin a hand job post, 10 months ago)

"Baldwin only literally bankrupted the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team he owned after owning the Hartford Whalers, by handing out huge contracts to players like Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr, contracts that his team didn't have the money to pay for. Not the type of business sense it would seem worth pinning any hopes onto.

"Baldwin's a corporate mudshark, looking to buy his way back into hockey at a bargain-basement price with money that he doesn't have (he offered $50 million for an Anaheim franchise valued at $108 million). For years he's been bumbling from town to town, floating offers as a way of getting himself publicity, and Jacobs is one of the few people still willing to fall for it."


Anonymous Teabag ballsack said...

I wish this tool died from his heart attack he is such an ass.

12/16/05, 9:55 AM

Anonymous Goonblog said...


12/16/05, 2:06 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Some of the old Whaler fans are ecstatic over this story, thinking that an MSG exodus would mean that their beloved Hartford Whalers team (gone nearly a decade now) is coming back.

Someone needs to hit these guys upside the head and tell them that Kevin Dineen, Blaine Stoughton, Geoff Sanderson, Ron Francis, Peter Sidorkiewicz, etc etc are not going to appear out of the mist and don Whalers green again. These Whalers fans want their childhood memories and early adult lives rebuilt out of whole cloth for them, and it's not going to happen. Even if the NHL were crazy enough to place another team in a market the size of Hartford, it wouldn't be the same coaches and cherished players and staff that the Whalers fans were so familiar with and in love with before.

12/17/05, 10:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Sh$t! But at least we believe that Hartford IS a major league market. It is a larger market than Buffalo, Raleigh, Cincinnati, KC, San Antonio, and Salt Lake City to name a few cities with major pro sports franchises.

We want Hartford to be major league again. If you had any brains and knew anything about sports marketing, you would realize that Hartford is an untapped market that is only limited by the smallmindedness of a few "lifers" who don't truly care about Hartford!

12/19/05, 10:41 PM

Anonymous Hunt for Green October said...

anonymous -- you are wrong in your facts. Hartford is a tapped market. The Major league teams in New York and Boston have been tapped in Hartford and will continue to tap into Hartford. You are also wrong in equating having a major league team with being a major city. The self-image of a city and the self-worth of its people is not determined by sports teams.

I think you want a major league team to compensate for other inadequacies.

In regard to hockey Hartford will continue to be a city where the majority of the hockey fans -- a small fraction of the total population -- will be split between the Bruins and the Rangers. The remainder will be the whiney Whaler pukes.

12/20/05, 1:46 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

To "anonymous": Kicking out MSG and bringing in Howard Baldwin won't make Hartford a "major league" city, when Baldwin's proposal involves a "minor league" AHL team. It seems that all the Whalers faithful skipped over that part of the Courant article.

It's also difficult to claim Hartford as being a "major league" market when the Whalers only averaged 10 or 11 thousand fans a game in a building that holds 15,000. If you look back over the past few full seasons, having a 16-to-18-thousand-seat arena that's filled to 90 percent or more capacity is the way of most teams in the NHL.

It's almost funny how Whalers fans have moaned for years about how criminal it was when their team was taken away from them, and continue to blame the demise of their team on MSG and the Wolf Pack when the Wolf Pack had nothing to do with the Whalers moving to Carolina. Yet those same Whalers fans constantly talk about running the Wolf Pack out of town and stealing another city's NHL team to bring them to Hartford, hoping to make two sets of fans suffer the same fate that they feel was done to them. That's pretty slimy, if you ask me.

12/20/05, 6:22 PM

Anonymous harpoons kill whales said...

I'm starting to think the claim that having the NHL in any city makes that city a major league city is dubious. This proposition implies that the NHL is a major sport and qualifies as a major league.

I offer this anecdote of my own experience trying to find and NHL jersey for my son for Christmas. Let's see Modell's, Dick's, Sports Authority, and various outlets in the Buckland Hills Mall -- all those stores not one NHL jersey of any team. Not one NHL ball-cap of any team.

I then went to the trusty South WIndsor Ice Arena. They typically have had two walls stocked with every NHL jersey, home & away, and 3rd jerseys. They still have some but they are mostly small kid's jerseys and most teams are not represented. I was told they do re-order because the product doesn't move.

This is discouraging to consider that the NHL merchandise cannot find a spot on any store's shelves or walls.

Consider that there is no real TV deal. Consider that the NHL makes the announcement of the TEAM USA Olympic team at the Minnesota vs Dallas game.

I do not think that the NHL can be considered a major leaque at this point in time.

12/20/05, 10:57 PM

Anonymous MrBrassBonanzaSuxDick said...

Can i please have 22 more years of ECHL play from an NHL team like my beloved Whalers played.
I long for the days of sitting in the 200 and 300 sections because i can't aford $ 2,000.00 plus for season tix in the lower bowl.
But hey mabey if the new NHL team makes to the seventh game of the finals we will get a parade yipee.
The Whalers claim to fame we made it to the 7th game and got a parade
What a Fing joke what a bunch of pathetic LOSERS.

12/21/05, 11:50 AM


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