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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One Fedorov Quote Too Many

...for Brian Burke, maybe.

One Base On An Overthrow

Fedor Fedorov, 11/18/05:

"I figured it would happen. The fact is that Brian Burke is now the general manager of Anaheim. It seems that he has a preconceived notion of players with the name Fedorov..."

Is that the Yoko Ono you know, or the Yoko Ono I know?

Brian Burke, 11/29/05:

Q. So this means, you continue to assert that your dissatisfaction with Fedor Fedorov is in no way connected with your (trade of Sergei Fedorov)--
Burke: (interrupts) No, no, no, nonsense!
Q. This means, there is no personal vendetta?
Burke: There can be no argument about this. I have nothing to say about Sergei but kind words. He is a good fellow, and a good hockey player.

You're Soaking In It

Sergei Fedorov, quoted in SE 12/6/05:

"Since I had never been traded in all these years, there was some element of suprise. But it wasn't largely unexpected. It is well known that Anaheim's general manager, Brian Burke, never took a liking to my family, beginning with my brother and concluding here now with me."


Anonymous Rub 1 out said...

souds fishy to me

12/10/05, 12:40 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I thought all the "funny" user names were being reserved for the Hartford Wolf Pack Booster Club message board.

12/10/05, 1:52 AM

Anonymous rusty trombone said...

they wont let us they said it's a family board

12/10/05, 5:35 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Too bad, because when I saw some of the ones on the Whalers thread (before they took them down), I couldn't stop laughing.

12/10/05, 11:45 AM


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