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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wolf Pack beat Sound Tigers, 5-3

Dolphins Love Kids Nigel Dawes (C. Rutsch photo)

Tonight's game marked the Hartford Wolf Pack's first visit to the Corruption Dome (aka The Arena at Harbor Yard) this season, and the Pack made the visit a fruitful one, pulling out a 5-3 victory over the Bridgeport Sound Tigers and padding their lead in this season's totally meaningless Geico Cup race even further.

Zamboni Dave wasn't there (and his picture's been taken off the Sound Tiger web site as well), though there were plenty of newly added attractions to better entertain the usual crowd of a few hundred lifeless Sound Tigers fans in attendance. Before the player introductions, the Sound Tigers ran an indecipherable computer-animated video clip that showed the Bridgeport mascot, Storm, killing something that looked like Eddie from Iron Maiden in a sea battle fought on pirate ships. What that has to do with anything hockey-related, I don't know, but it was probably more interesting than the Robbie Williams "Let Me Entertain You" song that the Wolf Pack play before the start of their home games. What wasn't better was the two DJ's from the nearby dipshit rock station, WPLR, who came out in Zamboni Dave's place during the intermissions, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with proclamations like, "Don't forget to tune in to WPLR tomorrow morning, when Ct. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will be on hand in the studio to answer your questions!"

Let's let Dick Clark work out the details

Yeah, okay. Sounds like fun.

The Wolf Pack had to come from behind to win this one, with three unanswered goals in the third period. Bridgeport's Jeff Hamilton assisted on the first two Sound Tiger goals and scored the third goal himself, as Robert Gherson started out a bit unsteadily in goal for the Pack but then obviously settled down enough to get the win. Nigel Dawes and Dwight Helminen each scored two goals for Hartford-- Helminen's second straight game with two goals-- and Martin "Wooden Indian" Grenier had the other goal for the Pack.

Hartford's final goal came with less than a minute left in the game on a play that I haven't really seen before; Bridgeport was on a power play and, being down 4-3 at the time, had pulled goalie Wade Dubielewicz in order to have two extra skaters. Instead, Dwight Helminen broke loose with the puck and, as he skated in alone towards the empty net, the Sound Tigers' Rob Collins threw his stick at Helminen's skates to thwart the sure goal (which was awarded to Helminen anyway).

Some other useless bits of information: Bridgeport uses two actual Zambonis to clean their ice, instead of the Olympia-brand resurfacing machines that are used at just about every other hockey arena I've been to. I'd never even noticed that what most people generically call "Zambonis" are actually Olympias, until someone pointed it out to me earlier this year. What a gyp!

Also, when Wade Dubielewicz made a nice save early in the game, they played Frank Sinatra singing "Doobie-doobie-doo" over the PA, which was pretty funny at the time.


Anonymous pack attack said...

I thought one of the most enjoyable parts of the game was watching the group of Soundtiger fans camped out behind the net where the Pack shot at twice. This particular group had obviously made a trip to Kmart or JC Penny's and bought a package of oversized men fruit-of-the-loom white T-shirts. And then headed over to the Jo-Ann's craft store and bought the neccessary products to decorate their own shirts.

They managed to scroll "Hartford Sucks" across the front of the shirts. And the back of the shirts were emblazened with the the huge letters "tWo". I do not think they were trying to spell the word "two" as in the #2. I believe the "tWo" was meant to be a fusion of hockey and pro-wrestling. Often in the not so distant past pro-wrestling had a stable of bad-boy, elite wrestlers known as the "nWo" -- the "new world order". I suspect, the "tWo" stood for "tiger world order".

This theory is further supported by the ass-wipe leader of the home-decorated t-shirt wearers, who attempted to mimic Hollywoood Hulk Hogan -- with all the hand, arm, and body movements. And he wore a black hat and sun-glasses further trying to immitate the Hulkster. His gestures actually made him look as though he was severly constipated.

I have spent too much time describing these people. I could better spend my time, training, taking my vitamins, and saying my prayers.

What yah goin' to do when pack attack runs wild on you?

12/5/05, 7:43 AM

Anonymous G12 said...

Thank for clearing that up i thought it was Tool World Order
And he looked so much like Hogan i almost ran down to get an autograph but i then relized it was'nt

12/5/05, 12:30 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

The mini-Hulkster/Bam Margera-retread guy has driven up for the Bridgeport games in Hartford, too, with his wife/twin sister in tow (wearing the same "tWo" shirt). They stand up for most of the game, taunting the home fans and flipping people the bird, even though the Sound Tigers have lost every game they've played against the Wolf Pack so far this year.

I'm guessing that "tWo" is how much the guy charges for a date with his twin sister.

12/5/05, 5:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well from what I've heard, the girl is his girlfriend and get this, he's 24 and she's 16! Somethings wrong there! I'm a Sound Tiger fan, but I'm ready to torch all my stuff that's st related. the office people are screwing everybody over faster than bill clinton doing monica going through a drive thru! They're gipping the season ticket holders, and making it extremely family oriented with the gaddamn wiggles! I want to shoot whoever decided to play the kiddy shit!

12/13/05, 12:57 AM

Anonymous Section 102 Fan said...

hey anonymous, go Trasher games! More and more BST fans are ditching Crackport for the exciting Danbury Trashers. Winning hockey, exciting games, cheaper tickets and a loud crowd, especially Section 102. That's why most New Haven fans go to Danbury instead of the Scum Pussies. The Corruption Dome at Harbor Yawn is just that, a YAWN!

12/15/05, 12:27 AM


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