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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wolf Pack down Manchester, 4-1

There are other Jim Morrisons I could talk to Ivan Baranka (Chris Rutsch photo)

The Hartford Wolf Pack edged closer to first place with a 4-1 victory tonight over the visiting Manchester Monarchs, in a game that featured some good defensive play by the Wolf Pack and was more evenly played than the score would indicate. Hartford now stands 2 points out of first place in the division, behind both Manchester and Portland.

Tonight's game featured the return of Al Montoya in net for the Wolf Pack, as well as the return of the team's top scorer, Alexandre Giroux, who ended up scoring the final Hartford goal on an empty-netter that was assisted on by Fedor Fedorov. The Wolf Pack also scored short-handed in this one, on a great effort by Ivan Baranka, who forced a turnover behind his own blueline and then skated the length of the ice to score unassisted.

The game was probably the shortest hockey game I've ever been to, being played in under two hours despite a Brad Smyth penalty shot that took almost a day and a half by itself. It's a little known fact that Daylight Savings Time was invented so that it would take one less hour for Brad Smyth to skate from one side of the rink to the other. The only scenario I can think of where Smyth might've skated any slower would be if someone had told him he had to forecheck right after taking the penalty shot. As it was, Smyth ended up lifting a belt-high shot that was easily stopped by Montoya. I think Smyth is better at scoring goals when he can stand right in front of the net and doesn't have to move.

It was quite amusing to watch David Liffiton, who is Brad Smyth's junior by at least thirty to thirty-five years, beat up on Smyth for most of the game. Actually, I'm just kidding around, because even though he plays for the Monarchs now, Brad Smyth is still probably the greatest goal scorer in Wolf Pack team history. Just think, if Smyth manages to score 50 goals again this season, he would become the first AHL player to match his age in goals and still lead the league.


Anonymous kiester stash said...

i wish shooter was still scoreing goals for us.
But hey at least he scores not like Fedy Fed Fed who skates dances and loses the puck.

12/15/05, 1:46 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

All through the first period on Wednesday night Fedor Fedorov kept skating into traffic, trying to squeeze between two defensemen and getting the puck stripped away, instead of keeping the possesion going by passing it off to a teammate.

After the first period, though, I notice that he passed first whenever he touched the puck. It made me think that Schoenfeld had said something to him.

Fedorov and Immonen have hardly been the scoring threats lately that they were earlier in the year. Meanwhile, Dawes and Helminen and Genoway keep creating good chances, shift after shift. Those three have been playing very well. Taffe's been picking it up a lot, too.

12/15/05, 8:10 PM

Blogger Brushback said...


The Wolf Pack lost in overtime tonight (Friday) at Providence, 3-2 after a shootout. Helminen scored two goals, the first one assisted by Dawes and Genoway. Again, that line has been playing very well lately.

12/16/05, 11:00 PM

Blogger Alex said...

You guys need the Whalers back. Life's no fun without a decent pro hockey team. I'm from Minnesota - I know.

12/17/05, 12:59 PM

Anonymous turd ferguson said...

alex, the wolf*pack are a decent -- better than decent home team. You might be confused but the Whalers sucked in the NHL. Their only claim to fame is they won the Adams Division once. Oh, and I won the 3rd Grade spelling bee too.

I'm happy you've learned how to use a computer. We weren't sure you'd ever move beyond and Etch-a-Sketch -- but life is good in America. Now go back to sleep.

12/17/05, 2:59 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I was going to post a comment about the Whalers also, but then by accident I shook my Etch-a-Sketch and lost everything that I had written.

12/18/05, 3:51 PM


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