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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Pack knocked off by Providence, 3-1

I'm Through With White Girls J. Immonen (Rutsch photo)

The Hartford Wolf Pack lost at home to the surging Providence Bruins on Saturday, 3-1, during a snowstorm on New Year's Eve. It was a puzzling effort for the Wolf Pack, who outshot Providence by a combined 42-8 in the first and third periods but put in a disinterested effort in the second period, when Providence (playing their 5th game in 6 days) did most of their damage, scoring two goals while keeping the play in the Wolf Pack end through almost the entire period. The game marked the first time that the Wolf Pack have had three straight regulation losses this season.

The game began with an aggressive first period that saw a number of shoving matches, if not any actual dropping of the gloves, including a lengthy scrum in front of the team benches involving Craig Weller and Jason MacDonald and a bunch of others that had players from both sides leaning around the glass divider to yap at each other. Hartford was the first to score in the game, on a goal by Dwight Heminen (who now has 17 points-- 10g, 7a-- in his last 12 games), but it went downhill quickly from there.

Today's game recap in the Hartford Courant does a pretty good job summing up the uneven effort by the Wolf Pack, including this quote from head coach Jim Shoenfeld:

"We had a ton of chances, but some guys are really working hard and some guys are taking shortcuts. Guys like Giroux and Wiseman, who won't get physically involved, have a hard time generating scoring chances. They're two guys that could have a good finish if they'd just play with a little more grit, which would take some of the scoring burden off the Helminen-Genoway-Dawes line. We need everybody going all the time. It's not a part-time game and not a fragmented team. Everybody has got to play, and some guys are pulling their own weight and some guys aren't."

A number of Pack players are busting their butts every night (Genoway, Liffiton, Dawes, Girardi, and Helminen, to name a few), meanwhile guys like Fedor Fedorov and Dale Purinton haven't been helping the team much at all lately. Purinton just returned from an injury, perhaps, but he's looked lousy all season, and not just recently. A lot of promising scoring chances start with Fedorov yet he doesn't seem to know how to finish them, skating into traffic and refusing to pass off more often than not, and when Fedor doesn't have the puck he just floats around aimlessly.

Meanwhile, the Charlotte Checkers closed out their week with a win in Pensacola on Saturday, 3-0, though they also traded away goalie Bernd Bruckler, who I thought did well in his short stint with Hartford earlier in the season.


Blogger n.l. said...

Losing sucks. Go Wolfpack!

1/3/06, 1:33 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Thank you for your support.

I wanna mail-order a copy of "Growing Up Fighting", by the way.

1/3/06, 8:00 PM


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