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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rangers trade Kondratiev

Theoretical Sounds of Slow Motion

Press release from the New York Rangers web site:

The Rangers acquired right wing Petr Sykora from the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim today in exchange for defenseman Maxim Kondratiev. As part of the trade, the Rangers also secured the return of a 2007 fourth-round draft selection they had sent to Anaheim in the Aug. 23, 2005, trade that brought Steve Rucchin to New York. Details to follow ...

G12 called me exactly an hour ago to tell me that Kondratiev is already skating against the Wolf Pack today for the Anaheim farm team, the Portland Pirates, wearing number 33.

Sykora adds to the Rangers' assembly of Czech forwards, while hopefully Maxim will have someone to help him integrate into a new system and his new surroundings, since I understand that Fedor Tyutin and Darius Kasparaitis were a big help to him in that regard these past two seasons.


Blogger Brushback said... came up with this photo of Kondratiev in his new uniform before today's game between Hartford and Portland.

1/8/06, 10:01 PM

Blogger OORANOS said...

Have a good time

1/9/06, 7:47 AM

Anonymous pack attack said...

Today's Hartford Courant states that Schoenfeld, coach of the Pack, allowed Max to ride on the team bus back to the Hartford area to pick up his stuff. The Pirate's coach, Kevin Dineen, thought this was a classy move.

I thought Max ought to have riden under the bus as this is the place Glen Sather threw him.

1/9/06, 8:26 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

That's a great line, Pack Attack.

Meanwhile, the geniuses on the HockeyTurd message board are really showing off their stupidity discussing this one. Here are some quotes that I pulled:

"Max type players are a dime a dozen"

"I don't think Max was doing anything out there that can't be made up.. Max didn't have one single outstanding characteristic"

"We have plenty of potential middle of the pack defensemen. Pock, Lampman, Baranka, Sauer, etc"

"Looking at stats, Kondratiev and Lampman are pretty much equal, maybe even with the edge to Lampman"

"They could easily draft another Kondratiev-level player with a 4th rounder"

"There are 50 Maxim Kondratiev's in teams' farm systems around the league, it's not like he seemed all that special"

I'm sure none of these guys saw Kondratiev play in person, and even if they did, their opinion is based upon watching Kondratiev play as a rookie with the Rangers in less than 30 games this season, for the measly 10 minutes of ice time he got per game or whatever. He wasn't a finished NHL player yet, he was still developing, but his physical talent should be obvious. As for the guy who said Bryce Lampman was better based on stats-- does he even realize how ignorant that sounds? I guess not.

Maybe it didn't look like Maxim was "trying hard" because he skated so effortlessly. He didn't hand out booming body checks often enough for most people, I guess-- instead he was in the right position to stop the play in other ways, like stripping the puck off the other player's stick. He knew how to handle the puck in his own zone, and get it up ice safely. There were a million little things that he could do that made him standout against all the other players on the ice when he played in Hartford.

Saying that there are 50 other defensemen in the AHL better than him, or that Ivan Baranka and Thomas Pock (who isn't even a true friggin' defenseman, let's face it) are better, is just mind-boggling to me.

1/9/06, 8:29 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

By the way, the link in the comment left by Ooranos, marked "have a good time", isn't spam-- it's a cool looking digital-motion loop of all of the recent photos used in posts here on Sidearm Delivery. It's pretty cool looking, so click on it-- it's safe!!

Thanks, Ooranos!

1/9/06, 8:32 PM

Anonymous mrs. brushback said...

Another thing to consider regarding those Rangers fans on hockeybird is that they may have be watching his game from the 3rd or 4th tier of seats at MSG. Perhaps they weren't able to give him the same form of scrutiny that we could from 5 rows off the ice.

1/10/06, 2:03 PM

Anonymous mr pack attack said...

It could also be said of the troupe of turds that in regard to hockey they are just a bunch of mental midgets.

1/10/06, 4:34 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

In order to keep far away from all the cranky Whalers fans and their moldy Cullen jerseys smelling of mothballs*, I sat three-quarters of the way up the top deck of the Civic Center. Even from there, I could still easily see Kondratiev steal the puck right off of Tim Brent's stick.

Granted, seeing Kondratiev perform up close at the AHL level gives a different picture than from the 4th deck of the Garden (or on TV sitting in Florida and California, which is where Mr. HockeyBird and Mr. Hockey Rodent are from). I'm still going to maintain that the HockeyTurd message board crew are idiots.

*the "mothball" joke is originally Joker Tom's, I think, for which he should get credit for

1/10/06, 10:03 PM


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