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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ref's Last Call

Your sister can't wrestle but you should see her box
"Keg party at the second intermission!"

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) Mon Jan 16, 2006 - An assistant referee was sent off from a Swedish third division ice hockey game over the weekend after the players began to suspect he was drunk.

During the contest between Sveg IK and Halsingegardens AIK one of the two assistant referees started behaving increasingly erratically and, smelling alcohol on his breath, the players became suspicious.

"The longer the match went on, the more he started to fall over and hold on to the boards, dropping his whistle and making contradictory signals," Sveg trainer Hakan Nilsson told Reuters on Monday.

"Some of the signs don't even exist in hockey. They looked more like he was doing the doggy paddle."

After the second period, the two teams had had enough and together with the referee took the linesman to the locker room for the final period.

The third period of the game, which Sveg won 6-3, was played with the remaining two referees.


Blogger Jes Gőlbez said...

(Shakes head)
Typical Swede!

1/22/06, 11:37 AM

Anonymous the swedish chef said...

Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue-- Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn!

Bork bork bork!

1/24/06, 7:38 PM

Anonymous the swedish ref said...

Put ze beeskit in de baskeet!

Bork bork bork!

1/24/06, 9:03 PM


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