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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wolf Pack brush off Syracuse, 6-4

We're Not So Smart C. Rutsch/HWP photo

Chad Wiseman score a hat trick, Jarkko Immonen had a 3-point night (1g, 2a), and Fedor Fedorov notched his 2nd goal of the season as the Hartford Wolf Pack easily dispatched the Syracuse Crunch at home on Wednesday night, 6-4. The win ended Hartford's 3-game losing streak. Sometime defenseman/sometime forward Craig Weller had 4 assists on the night, which is more than sometime defenseman/sometime forward Thomas Pöck has ever had in one game for the Wolf Pack, I'll bet, yet you don't see anyone on HockeyTurd whining for Weller to be brought up to the Rangers.

The Wolf Pack were up 2-0 in this game before Fedor Fedorov had even taken his first shift on the ice, and Crunch goalie Andrew Penner was pulled early after giving up 3 goals on the Wolf Pack's first 4 shots. It was only a couple of shots later when Penner's replacement, Martin Prusek, gave up Hartford's 4th goal of the game, and from then on the final outcome was never really in doubt.

Fedor Fedorov looked lost, as has been his usual lately-- his standard defensive technique is to stand in place waving his stick at the puck going by-- and the goal he scored was on one of his puck-hogging spin moves in traffic, with the puck clanging off the iron before going in. Fedorov also took a stick in the face late in the second period, leaving blood on the ice and giving Hartford the powerplay on a 5-minute major, which Syracuse killed off.

Pack Man Fever
Maxim Kondratiev (Chris Rutsch photo)

The one full-fledged fight in the game happened during the face-off that followed right after the first Wolf Pack goal, not even a minute and a half into the game, when Martin Grenier squared off against Brandon Sugden. This one was a bit pre-meditated, as the gloves were on the ice before the puck was even dropped. Grenier controlled the action for most of the fight and got in a few damaging punches, though not much in the way was thrown by either player-- it was more of a wrestling match, which is about all that Grenier's been involved with this season. He doesn't seem to ever be able to get his hands loose during battle.

Peter Sarno was one of the goal-scorers for Syracuse, netting his 6th goal in only 11 games this season. Maxim Kondratiev suited up for Hartford and played well, after been sent back to the AHL earlier in the week following a one-game stint with the Wolf Pack the week before.


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Man, I was looking for the brushback take on the whole Whaler Depreciation Ceremony.

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I'm getting to it-- I had to sleep off my green-and-blue-induced hangover, first.

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