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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wolf Pack Clinch GEICO Cup

Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial Who's planning the parade?

In a road game that I didn't go to, and barely listened to on the radio-- gotta love Bob Crawford, but he has a voice sometimes that sounds like mice trying to claw their way through sheetrock-- the Hartford Wolf Pack defeated the Bridgeport Sound Tigers in Bridgeport after an overtime shootout, 4-3. The line of Nigel Dawes, Colby Genoway, and Dwight Helminen had a hand in all three of Hartford's goals in regulation, with Dawes netting his 14th and 15th goals of the season, and Helminen his 19th. The Wolf Pack outshot the Sound Tigers, 13-1, during the scoreless 5-minute overtime, after the shots on goal were even (33-33) during the game itself. The win upped Hartford's record over Bridgeport this season to 60-0-0-0, or something.

Looking at the scoresheet, I see that Fedor Fedorov drew a diving penalty in the first period, if you can believe that (noooooooo).

For more info on the GEICO Connecticut Cup, go to the Search This Blog box at the very top of this page, and type in the word "trivial". (That's a joke, son.)


Anonymous pack attack said...

The turd announcer at Harbor Yard announced Helminen's goal as his 20th.

The tWo was present in limited form. The Hulk Hogan wanna-be was there gesticulating like a fool.

The fans in Bridgport were obviously heart broken that they had lost yet another GEICO cup.

1/12/06, 2:01 AM

Anonymous G12 said...

Fed is even more usless than skidmark ever was why is this jerkoff not sitting on the pine ?

1/12/06, 7:37 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Fedorov has been playing kinda sucky lately. came up with a couple of photos of the idiot "tWo" mini-Hulkster guy and his girlfriend/sister:

Showing his "arm-pumping" Hogan move

"J-Tizzle 69"?!? What kind of freak are you??

See, we weren't kidding about this guy.

1/14/06, 2:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This J-Tizzle 69 clown was such a loud mouth at Saturdays Sound Tigers game (01/28/06) he makes Bridgeport fans look bad. If and when any of you see J-Tizzle 69 - tell him that "you started it" - this loud mouth was either drunk or high as a kite and wouldn't shut up about how he started it, whatever that is supposed to mean. the only thing he started was giving Bridgeport fans a bad rap. Good Game though, go Sound Tigers!

1/30/06, 4:04 PM


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