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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wolf Pack trounced by Monarchs, 6-3

The Kids Will Have Their Say Nigel Dawes (Rutsch photo)

The Hartford Wolf Pack lost at home to the Manchester Monarchs, the team they are chasing for second place in the division, 6-3 on Wednesday night. A couple of inexplicable goals given up by Al Montoya, more than any lack of effort by the team as a whole, doomed Hartford's chances in this one (though it would be nice if the Pack cleaned up their play in front of the net a little more). The loss moved Hartford to 4 points behind Manchester in the standings.

As they did against Portland in their previous game, the Wolf Pack jumped out quickly, with defenseman Dan Girardi scoring just 29 seconds into the contest. The Monarchs responded with four straight goals after that, including goals on each of their first three shots in the second period, putting Wolf Pack goalie Al Montoya on the bench in favor of back-up Robert Gherson. Hartford then closed the gap to 4-3, including a goal by Jarkko Immonen following a nifty set-up by Chad Wiseman, but that was as close as they got. The Monarchs' final goal was scored on an empty net, helped by a case of bad timing, as Manchester's Petr Kanko was skating with the puck into the Hartford zone before Gherson had even reached the bench.

Nigel Dawes, who was named the AHL's Player of the Week a couple of days earlier, dished out one of the season's better hits when he leveled the Monarchs' Konstantin Pushkarev in the second period. The Wolf Pack have had no plans for Fedor Fedorov lately, as he was not in the lineup for the third straight game.

After the team played without a captain for the first half of the season, the captain's "C" was finally bestowed on Craig Weller. This is slightly different from the "A" that the Monarchs' Brad Smyth wears on his jersey, which I believe in his case stands for either "Ancient" or "AARP".


Anonymous G12 said...

Well smartass old or not i would love to see his points on our team because he can still put them up.
did i mention Jake taylor sucks!
And Wiseman plays like he should retire.

1/19/06, 7:14 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Jake Taylor, wearing a cage in his first game back after being out for a while with a broken cheekbone, drew a hooking penalty right off the bat a minute into the game. I didn't notice him on the ice much for a while after that, though he was back to getting regular shifts by the third period. He's been playing better this year, but he's still too much of a gambler.

I forgot to mention that Hugh Jessiman was back up from Charlotte last night, also. He seemed to be more of a presence than he had been when he was in Hartford at the beginning of the year. I remember him making at least one strong move to the net that was really impressive.

1/19/06, 3:03 PM

Anonymous mr pack attack said...

Jake Taylor was on the ice for 1st, 2nd, and 4th Manchester goals. So, his presence was there you just probably mistook him for the orange traffic cone on the ice.

Jessimen did not appear to be laboring to skate as much as he had during the early season. But if he is going to play the 4th line send it back to Charlotte.

1/19/06, 5:44 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

"Jake Taylor was on the ice for 1st, 2nd, and 4th Manchester goals. So, his presence was there you just probably mistook him for the orange traffic cone on the ice."

Mr Pack Attack, you're right. I remember not seeing Taylor much at the end of the second period, but he was on the ice quite often earlier in the period. I apologize for the HockeyTurd-like fog I was in.

1/21/06, 1:25 PM


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