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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Alexei Gets Even

Sometimes I think that life and I are going in different directions

I've been receiving a number of hits on a daily basis this week from people looking for a video clip of the elbowing match that occurred between Montreal's Alexei Kovalev, who had captained the Russian team in the recent Winter Olympics, and Toronto's Darcy Tucker this past Saturday.

In the waning moments of the Canadiens' blowout victory over the Maple Leafs, Tucker (a relatively well-known cheap shot artist) took a swipe at Kovalev's head with his elbow, as the two players skated past each other. With no penalty being called, Kovalev decided to settle things himself only moments later by ramming Tucker into the ice, leading to a brawl along the boards.

Here's a clip of the entire incident, thanks to and

Tucker vs. Kovalev (Windows Media Player)

"I could have hit him and I didn't." --Darcy Tucker

"Are we just going to watch and wait until we get hurt?

"I'm not going to let that go. He tried to hurt me." --Alexei Kovalev