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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Giving the finger to the rock-n-roll singer

This was put here for no apparent reason
"Oh, yeah-- chicks dig me"

There are some people who think that hockey needs more entertainment in order to be successful, and to those people I offer the Hartford Wolf Pack's game on Saturday night against the Binghamton Senators. The night was a veritable "MyAHL"-fest, featuring a pre-game concert by Marco Hernandez (above), followed by an in-game performance by Chica (that's Chica-- not Chicago, which was not only taken by someone else years ago, but also has two extra letters which makes it harder to spell), all brought to you by Radio Disney. Apparently this year someone noticed that goalie Al Montoya is of Cuban descent, so the team has decided to try to reach out to the local Hispanic community (I am not making this up). How watching some training school graduates sing karaoke over pre-taped backing tracks helps to reach this goal, I'm not sure, but I'm willing to go along with it for now, as long as it keeps the Wolf Pack/Radio Disney braintrust from bringing back Aaron Carter and Jesse McCartney instead.

Those dishes won't wash themselves, you know
"We're just proud to be on the same stage where Bowling For Soup once stood"

As for the game itself, from a Wolf Pack fan's perspective, it pretty much sucked. Hartford lost to the Senators-- who are currently in last place in the East Division-- 3 to 1, in a rather dull game that featured a number of bad plays and miscues. So, on the heels of a six-game win streak where they were scoring in bunches, Hartford has now fallen into a three-game losing streak where they've scored only a single goal in each of the three losses.

Early in the game, when it was still 0-0, there was a "no goal" call on a shot by the Pack's Bryan Rodney. It was at the other end of the ice from where I sit, so I didn't get a good look at it, but apparently Rodney's shot went through the back of the net, according to the write-up in the Courant:

"Bryan Rodney actually scored on a shot that went through a corner of the net at 2:31, but wasn't detected by the goal judge or referee Steve Kozari."

The recap on the Binghamton Senators' site also mentions the puck going through the net. Woe to Bryan Rodney, who was reassigned to the Charlotte Checkers after the game.

Hartford did end up scoring first, taking a 1-0 lead into the first intermission, but the Senators scored three unanswered goals after that. Binghamton's third goal came on a botched pass up the middle of the ice by Thomas Pöck that was intercepted by Danny Bois, who then moved in alone on Robert Gherson for the relatively easy score.

I like Canadian women very much. They know how to build igloos and appreciate John Candy films
Alexandre Giroux and Binghamton's Dusty Jamieson

Lee Falardeau played the whole game, after leaving the game against Springfield the night before with a knee injury. Falardeu seemed to struggle with his skating during his first few shifts, flexing his knee as he skated to the bench a couple of times, but he seemed fine after that. The game featured 17 former Charlotte Checkers players on both sides of the ice, including Dusty Jamieson, the Checkers' leading scorer this season who had just been loaned to Binghamton earlier in the week.

Binghamton's Cory Pecker was scratched and didn't play, in case anyone was wondering.

I thought I made it clear to you last month that I did not want to do this anymore

The "Fedor Fedorov era" in Hartford has apparently ended, as it was announced yesterday that the Rangers have re-assigned Fedorov to the Syracuse Crunch, the AHL affiliate of the Columbus Blue Jackets and the team that likely has the ugliest logo in the history of sports.

(Photo credits: Chris Rutsch/HWP)


Anonymous chica attack said...

Nice report Brushback.

I attest that I heard the former Wolf*Pack Public Relations person say they [the Pack] were excited to market the team to Hartford's hispanic residents because of the addition of Al Montoya.

In your recitation of the various groups who have done "in-game" concerts you forgot to mention Fan 3 -- -- whom I have heard referred to as Fan 36D. But I do not understand that reference.

As you report, Fedor Fedorov has been shipped to Syracuse. The Crunch are the affiliate of the Columbus Bluejackets. The Bluejackets are the team his brother Sergei currently plays for. This move will certainly help the Wolf*Pack. It is doubtful to help the Crunch. But this move may help the music world -- if Fedor receives an unlikely call-up to Columbus -- then Fedor and Sergei may be able to sing some more songs together.

In a previous report you mentioned the new helmet worn by Chris Holt, and how it says "Holtzy" painted on the helmet. I saw that this past game. I believe the helmet should have just said "Doltzy"


3/13/06, 9:26 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

Fan3 website

Thanks for mentioning Fan3-- I hadn't forgotten that she performed at a Wolf Pack game, but I was trying to.

Since we're going down the list of "teen idol" doofuses who have made their appearance at one of the games, don't forget Greg Raposo (plus I think there was one other).

G12 might still knock 'em, and I don't think they're all that great either, but Bowling For Soup look like Lightning Bolt next to all of these Radio Disney clones.

3/13/06, 1:52 PM


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