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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pack win in Providence, 3-2

And we'll sink with California when it falls into the sea
Brad Smyth won't give P's a chance

After getting their tails whipped by Bridgeport the night before, the Hartford Wolf Pack went into Providence this afternoon short-handed-- carrying only 16 skaters-- and defeated the Bruins, 3-2, after an overtime shootout.

Robert Gherson started in net for the Pack and played extremely well, holding up well under some heavy pressure late in the game (judging by Bob Crawford's radio call), especially when Hartford had to kill off another ill-timed late penalty by Thomas Pöck with 2:27 left in the third just to get into the overtime.

With the team's leading scorer, Alexandre Giroux, being called up to the Rangers on Friday night, the Wolf Pack dressed only 10 forwards for the game, just as they had the night before against the Sound Tigers. Center Lee Falardeau was then ejected from the game over an altercation that began at the end of the first period, and when Colby Genoway was injured midway through the third period, the Wolf Pack were forced to play through a serious manpower shortage. Dwight Helminen's game-tying goal was scored at the 14:32 mark of the third period, with Hugh Jessiman taking Genoway's place on the line with Dawes and Helminen. I couldn't tell from Crawford's description exactly what the injury was to Genoway, other than it involved a pile-up around the Hartford net and that there was blood involved.

So now you know where the other half of 'The OC' Fan Club went
Providence fans aren't very creative

Here's the penalty sheet for the 20-minute mark of the first period:

HFD Falardeau, 20:00 - Fighting, 5 min
HFD Falardeau, 20:00 - Game misconduct - Secondary altercation, 10 min
PRO MacDonald, 20:00 - Roughing, 2 min
PRO Schmidt, 20:00 - Fighting, 5 min
HFD Sonnenberg, 20:00 - Roughing, 2 min
PRO Walter, 20:00 - Fighting, 5 min
PRO Walter, 20:00 - Game misconduct - Secondary altercation, 10 min
HFD Weller, 20:00 - Fighting, 5 min

After killing off another penalty in the overtime period, the Wolf Pack then won in the shootout. Jarkko Immonen had the game-winning tally in the shootout, which I believe is the third time that has happened this season.

By the way, if anyone out there still remembers Fedor Fedorov and wants to hire him for a guest appearance, please contact the Nashville Agency.


Anonymous pack attack said...

This was a very ugly win. The P-Bruins had 33 'official' shots on net, many of which were quality scoring chances. Gherson did come up big. But if the Bruins had been able to hit the broad-side of a barn they may have had another 20 shots on net, easily.

In regard to being down so many forwards you would think there was a man-power shortage but do not fear, Marty Grenier stepped into the forward position and did just fine.

The crowd at the Dunkin Donut Center was uncharacteristically calm yesterday. They typically boo everything theat appears to go against their team, and fans along the glass usually bang the glass -- none of this went on yesterday. But not to disappoint there was a couple Bruin fans sitting along one side who just loved yelling the name "Guiteeeee" as loudly as possible. Then, as on cue, an antiphonal* response would come from the other side -- "Guiteeeeeee". It was just a little weird.

*I believe this is the first time the word “antiphonal” has been used in this blog.

3/27/06, 8:50 AM

Anonymous CalderCup2000 said...

Did anyone else find it odd that the Nashville Agency mentions that FedFed is "Unselfish with the puck" and has an "Excellent team attitude" while being "good with the public."

Don't get me wrong, I kinda liked having him on our team -- we just didn't use him effectively -- but there's no way he could *ever* be called unselfish with the puck or good with the public. No way, no how.

3/27/06, 1:46 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I did notice the "unselfish with puck" description in the agency bio, as well as some other odd things which I chalked up as typical schmooze-talking.

I would definitely count myself as a fan of Fedor while he was here, though I was threatened by more than one person that I would lose friends if I ever bought one of his jerseys. I do own a replica Sergei Fedorov Red Army jersey (circa '90-'91), which I presume is acceptable.

I think I like the word "antiphonal" (an-TI-fohn-nul), and I might start using it frequently, even where it is incorrect or inappropriate. Such as:

"I am antiphonal towards the idea of Chris Holt ever playing for the Wolf Pack again."

"Mike Mottau is the antiphonal of the phrase, 'defensive defenseman'."

3/27/06, 5:53 PM

Anonymous Nigel An-Tufnel said...

Now, that's just silly, innit?

3/27/06, 8:50 PM

Anonymous pack attack said...

"Now, that's just silly, innit?"

Now that's antiphonal.

3/28/06, 12:31 AM

Anonymous George Peppard said...

Don't forget "Breakfast Antiphonals", without which my career never would've lasted long enough to be in "The A-Team".

3/28/06, 9:11 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Oh, come on now, George. Maybe "Doctor's Hospital" sucked, but "Banacek" wasn't completely bad.

3/28/06, 9:35 PM

Anonymous Mr Antiphonalophogus said...

I think I'm going to go rent Breakfast at Tiffany's and Banacek out Audrey Hepburn.

3/30/06, 12:49 AM

Anonymous Howie Mandel said...

Wow, everyone's got bad jokes.

3/30/06, 3:17 PM

Anonymous ahhhhhahah said...

Hey Howie,

How's that imitation of the little boy, Bobby, working for you?

3/31/06, 2:30 AM


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