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Monday, March 06, 2006

Q. Where do you find a turtle with no legs? A. Wherever you left it last

If you really wanted to screw me up, you should've gotten to me earlier
Darius Kasparaitis (Ak Bars) defending against Nikolai Antropov
(Lokomotiv) in the Russian Super League last year

I wasn't planning on posting about the Flyers' Donald Brashear trying to lump up on Darius Kasparaitis last Thursday, and Brashear's subsequent comments about how the NHL "is gay now", partly because some other, more competent sites have already done a decent job of it (check out HockeyBird and Blueshirt Bulletin, for starters). However, I've noticed that this site has been popping up in the searches of people looking for the video of the "fight", and I happen to have a link to it (thanks to and Hockey Fights), so here it is:

Brashear vs. (sort of) Kasparaitis (Windows Media)

Apparently, Brashear went after Kasparaitis in retaliation for a knee injury that Kasparaitis caused to the Flyers' Simon Gagne during the Olympics. Need I remind anyone that there was more than one questionable hit that occurred in Turino?

Ruutu slams Jagr

Andrei Nazarov, who always seems to be ready with a good quote if nothing else, sees the situation this way, for the benefit of the folks back home in Russia (taken from Sport Express):

I mean, I know we don't have any customers, but I thought that was a bad thing, not like, a business strategy Andrei Nazarov

"A player like Ruutu-- and others, like (Kirk) Maltby, (Tyson) Nash, and (Sean) Avery-- is there to provoke the other team and throw their best player off their game. If you notice, it is extremely rare that one of their kind will fight, and not with the other team's 'tough guy' as a rule, but with one of the everyday players. However, Ruutu cannot be compared as one with Maltby. The Finn (Ruutu), as the saying goes, is 'neither fish nor fowl', and in nine out of ten cases plays irresponsibly and dirty. He has a bad reputation in the NHL, which in many ways is justified.

"On its own, Ruutu's hit on Jagr wasn't in the category of exceptionally dirty. By other measures, though, it was worse, because it was against a player who defines the NHL as an entertainment and a business. This is entirely the misfortune of European hockey-- their traditions and rules make it impossible to protect the star players properly."

Nazarov goes on to say in another Sport Express article that "many Olympic accounts will find themselves being settled during the regular season of the NHL."