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Friday, March 31, 2006

Trashing Danbury

Internet Is Just Bad Pot


There is a smell coming from the UHL Trashers franchise that suggests that there is something rotten in Danbury.

At least the Feds think there might be. The FBI has swept the UHL's Trashers into their ongoing probe of owner James Galante, who counts the two-year old team amongst his holdings.

According to reports by the Associated Press and the Danbury News-Times, federal investigators have questioned UHL President Richard Brosal, and have served five current or former Trashers players with subpoenas, as part of a larger look into Galante's business dealings. The five players are, Brent Gretzky, Jeff Daw, Jim Duhart, Scott Sterling, and Jay Murphy.

Galante, who made his fortune in the waste removal business, hence the "Trashers" moniker, is one of several waste removal operators in New York and Connecticut who are suspected of violating federal anti-racketeering laws.

While Galante's involvement with the UHL is a minor part of the overall investigation, the government is interested in finding out whether he has made under the table payments to Trasher players, thereby violating UHL salary cap rules. The probe brings into question the league's credibility, and Brosal's leadership of the UHL.

Galante has been a controversial figure since becoming a part of a UHL ownership group that has had a blemished record.

The unusual abounds in Danbury. The team’s presidency was turned over to son A.J. Galante at the tender age of 19 (See: "What I Want for Christmas"). Most notably, Galante was involved in a bizarre incident after a game last year, in which he was accused of choking linesman James Harper (See: "Taking Out the Trashers"). Legal charges were pressed, then dropped. While Galante received a brief suspension by Brosal for his actions, it amounted to nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

The UHL, which has struggled with credibility problems over the last few years, seemed to be getting past some of those bumps in the road.

A franchise owner in Columbus, Ohio with a poor prior track record of operating professional hockey teams shuttered the nascent Columbus Stars franchise in less than half a season in 2003-2004 (See: "The Fault Lies Within the Stars, Not Ourselves.") The choking incident with Galante was the following year's folly.

Brosal will wait until the government investigation is completed before taking any action, if he takes any action at all. If the allegations that Galante has been using the Trashers as a front for any illegal activity (e.g. money laundering), the Commissioner might have no choice but to pull the franchise, or seek a replacement of the ownership. Players found to have received "off the books" payments should be handed down stiff suspensions or even lifetime banishments.

Hockey is doing well in Danbury. The Trashers enjoy a sizable lead atop the UHL's Eastern Division.

If Galante's garbage biz mucks up the game for the fans, the UHL will have a second major ownership debacle in three years, and Galante won't be the only one with some "'Splainin'" to do.

I think I can say this: the more bad press that Galante and the Trashers get, the more their rabid and loyal fans ratchet-up their frenzied behaviour.

Witness this one report that I was reading earlier today, about the fans in the Danbury Ice Arena's notorious Section 102:

Don't expect me to be returning to that arena anytime soon-- that place is BRUTAL... there were the group of fans in Section 102 who were the most rude and brutal group I have ever had to deal with. Well, I should have known what I was in for when I saw the team slogan on the screen... "Welcome to Hell"

Well, the team's promotional video does end with the tag-line, "Hell On Ice". (Windows Media Player)

Myself, I'd just like to get a t-shirt that looks like this:

Vindicated by DNA


Anonymous VITO CORLEONE said...

Brushback . . . Brushback ... What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? Had you come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined hockey in Danbury would be suffering this very day. And that by chance if an honest man such as yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies. And then they would fear you.

3/31/06, 11:26 PM

Anonymous G12 said...

Umm ya right these are the jerkoffs
that want Pack fans to come see a game in Danbury if i wan't to sit with a bunch of drunken assholes yelling rude shit i'll start drinking and doing coke again and tape myself at home.
And this is what they call Hockey atmosphere i had one of the Danbury jerkoffs(as a matter of fact i can point him out in the picture posted on the jokers place) sitting in front of us when we played Bridgeport ranting about Omicollicornholeio like i really give a fuck about hank the drunken angry dwarf plaing for them.
Welcome to hell iv'e been there and it's not in Danbury

4/1/06, 6:41 AM

Anonymous Puckie14 said...

Keep hating!


4/4/06, 10:46 PM

Anonymous kiester stash said...

i Can't hate a bunch of lifes misfits and retards, pukey sorry i mean puckie.

4/7/06, 7:54 AM

Anonymous Puckie14 said...

Are you guys still upset that the "Section 14" crew from New Haven is back and now sitting in Danbury's Section 102? You guys used to hate us during the BEAST days and now you just can't stand seeing us back.

Funny as hell!


4/7/06, 9:05 AM

Blogger AnthonyPLR said...

Section 102 is fantastic. Unlike boring arenas in Hartford, Bridgeport, and Springfield, the fans are allowed to be apart of the game. The crowd in Danbury makes it a true home ice advantage for the Trashers and each night is filled with hilarity.

Wanna sleep? Stay in BPT and Hartford. Ill be in Danbury with 3,005 maniacs and UHL players who actually care about the fans.

4/7/06, 6:14 PM

Anonymous drunken fool said...

Pukey you would like to belive thats the case but i think it's the other way around how many playoff series did you win from us...... o yea none.
and the UHl players have to care most of them are moonlighting on the trah trucks during the day hauling your garbage you drunken tool.

4/7/06, 9:53 PM

Anonymous Puckie14 said...

Ahhh....the personal insults. How old are we again?

Keep sweating the Trashers and keep talking about us. We love the attention.

4/7/06, 11:15 PM


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