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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Adventures in B2-ism

I Bought a Headache (dernt, dernt, dernnn)

Last night, we coughed up 6 bucks to watch a Wolf Pack road game over the internet on B2 Networks, catching the Wolf Pack's 3-1 victory over the Providence Bruins in Providence. I'm guessing now, after my first experience in watching a game over B2, that the "B" stands for "beer goggles". I can't say that the picture came through all that great, though with the butt-ugly retro jerseys that the P-Bruins have been wearing at home this year (they almost look like a bunch of bottles of French's Mustard out on the ice), maybe I was better off not being able to see the action too clearly.

Half the people you know are below average
Which one of you is Ben Guite?

Granted, the picture quality probably varies depending upon the type of hardware you're using (though I do have digital internet, at least). The still shots looked normal, but when the players were skating around at game speeds it wasn't easy to pick out their jersey numbers in order to quickly tell who was who, save recognizing some of the players by their size and their skating stride. I couldn't see the puck much at all, as the ice surface looked all watery, as if the players were playing in a swimming pool. It appeared to be a single-camera setup, too. Overall, though, it probably wasn't much worse than trying to watch an NHL game fifty years ago on an old black-and-white TV-- except this was in color, of course.

On the other hand, you have different fingers
Tin foil on the rabbit ears-- works everytime

In any case, Hartford won the game, with the final goal being scored on an empty-netter by Chad Wiseman after he literally had about 4 straight chances to put the puck in the net, only to miss or have a Providence player swipe the puck away at the last instant. Wiseman got into a fight, too, as did Nigel Dawes. There were five fights in the third period, partly because Providence recently picked up Matt Goody, a UHL-level goon who seems to be trying to make a name for himself by causing as much trouble as he can.

Manchester is now a point ahead of Providence in their battle for the third spot in the division, with Providence having 2 games left on their schedule and Manchester having one game left. The third-place team will meet the Wolf Pack in Round One of the playoffs, while the fourth-place finisher faces Portland.