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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Skid Slips In

We were talking about the love that's gone so cold and the people who gain the world and lose their soul

Maybe I just don't get out often enough, but it seems lately that every time I travel to Bridgeport for a Hartford Wolf Pack road game, some relative unknown in a Sound Tigers uniform scores against the Wolf Pack. Robert Nilsson, who has 8 goals total this year, scored twice in one game back in December against the Pack, and Saturday night it was Joe Tallari and Peter Tsimikalis (who? beats-the-hell-outta-me) scoring for the Sound Tigers. With the Wolf Pack unable to solve Bridgeport goalie Wade Dubielewicz, who made 24 saves between the second and third periods, Bridgeport went on to beat Hartford, 2-1, allowing the Sound Tigers to inch within two points of clinching the final playoff spot in the AHL's East Division. The Wolf Pack have now lost 3 straight games, coming after they switched to their all-blue "Rangers"-style jerseys last weekend... not that I'm superstitious or anything (knock on wood).

With Robert Gherson injured and Chris Holt called up to the Rangers to be the back-up goalie for a game in Boston, the Wolf Pack had to go with an emergency back-up goalie, Scott Gray, who wore #75. I'm not sure why Gray was available for this game (maybe he has relatives in the area that he was visiting for Palm Sunday, who knows), but what little that I could find out about him seems to be that he's the goalie for New England College, in Henniker, New Hampshire.

Dear KJ: There's a girl that I like a lot but she doesn't like the same music or things that I do. What's a guy to do? Thanks, Gary. Dear Gary: Marry her. Love, KJ Scott Gray

Luckily, Al Montoya stayed relatively unscratched throughout the game, and it's likely that Holt will be able to return to the Pack for their game at home against Lowell this Sunday (which is kind of like today, actually).

After being missing in action earlier in the year, Zamboni Dave has also made his return as Bridgeport's in-house MC, for what that's worth. Actually, the Zambonis' web site is where I found this cool video, of a lacrosse-style goal scored by the aforementioned Robert Nilsson:

Robert Nilsson goal vs. Wilkes-Barre (Windows Media Player)

Back to the game at hand.

In what was sort of an odd scene, the game had to be halted for about a minute or two after the third period had already started, because the ice hadn't had time to freeze well enough during the intermission. It was probably because of some old husky lady who, practically out of the blue during the second intermission, came out near the end boards and started singing "America The Beautiful" or "God Bless America" (I'll get it right, one of these days). She blared out each note so long and loud that the rendition took about 17 minutes, or about a minute longer than Katelyn Tarver's version at the Wolf Pack game the night before.

The game featured a near-sellout crowd of 7679, which is a once-in-a-year sized crowd for Bridgeport, though at least a couple of thousand or so in attendance were Wolf Pack/Rangers fans. At the beginning of the game, Zamboni Dave went into the stands and introduced the "Sound Tigers Fan of the Year", and (I am not pulling your leg) it turned out to be this guy:

You're all the way at the bottom of my 'schmuck' bag, and it's been ziplocked shut
Photo credit:

When some dumbass wearing a customized Sound Tiger jersey that reads "J-TIZZLE 69" is your team's "Fan Of the Year", you know you've got problems.


Anonymous fredorov fredburgerov said...

Uhhh - hmmmm!

The losing streak began while wearing the "white" home uniform against Norfolk last Sunday. The first time they wore the Royal Blue, they won. If you want to talk superstition, let's talk about the fear I have about #29 -- El Matidor-toya in net as the reason.

Emergency Back-up Goaltender -- Scott Gray, as you noted -- good investigative work, btw --- plays at New England College, in Henniker, New Hampshire. I have actually driven past that campus in the center of Henniker, NH. This is the home town of the Kempy family of Manchester fame.

4/9/06, 1:35 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

I'd always thought that Henniker is where that beer in the green bottles is made, but apparently I was mistaken.

What I was trying to say about the solid blue jerseys is that the Pack losing streak began shortly after they decided to take the older-style jerseys out of the closet, and not necessarily that they've lost every game in which they've worn them.

It's likely that the Pack losing streak has more to do with the crop circles that have been popping up in Manchester lately (in the shape of an empty bandwagon) than anything else.

4/9/06, 10:23 PM

Anonymous Prickly Pear said...

Many of us in Hartford are in complete and utter disbelief that asshizzole got Fan of the Year. Talk about Slim Pickins.

4/11/06, 3:27 PM


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