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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sudden Sonnenberg

I've got a roll of Lifesavers, and pineapple is next
Sonnenberg wins it in overtime (Heather Sperrazza/HWP photo)

Martin Sonnenberg jammed the puck under Barry Brust's pads for the game-winning goal with under 4 minutes left in the first overtime period, and the Hartford Wolf Pack defeated the Manchester Monarchs on Wednesday night, 3-2, to even their playoff series at one game apiece.

Chad Wiseman and Nigel Dawes added the other two goals for the Wolf Pack.

Sonnenberg and linemate Lee Falardeau earned the first and third stars of the game after out-hustling and out-working the other players on the ice for most of the night, as both squads showed much more energy and grit than they had in the game the night before, though the officiating on both nights was equally puzzling.

My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them
Party's gettin' rough (Chris Rutsch photo)

More than a few Pack fans in the stands noticed Manchester goalie Barry Brust's habit of rapidly tapping his stick against his pads during face-offs, like Mackey Sasser waiting to throw the ball back to the pitcher, and started calling out chants of "OCD!" or clapping in time to Brust's stick taps whenever he did it.

Half the crowd on hand were also booing Joe "Riddler" Rullier whenever he stepped onto the ice, it seems, and the whole building (save the five cowbell-and-pitchfork toting Monarchs fans in attendance) erupted into a full roar when Rullier was dumped on his pig-farming britches after a check by Colby Genoway in the third period. Rullier didn't help matters by whining and yapping throughout the entire game, including slamming his stick against the ice after earning a minor penalty on what was an obvious throat-high elbow.

If you had a friend who was a tightrope walker, and you were walking down a sidewalk and he fell, that would be completely unacceptable
Joe Rullier (Chris Rutsch photo)

Obviously crime pays, or else there'd be no crime
The Riddler

Last night wasn't the first time that the Wolf Pack and the Monarchs went into overtime in the playoffs, as the two teams went even further (into double overtime) almost 4 years ago to the day, in a game on April 20th, 2002. That game, a 3-2 Wolf Pack victory, came in Game 5 of the first round and clinched the series win for the Wolf Pack over the Monarchs, 3 games to 2.

The Wolf Pack actually played three straight home playoff games that year of double OT or longer, going to triple-overtime and then double-overtime in the first two games of the following round against the Hamilton Bulldogs. This was back when the Bulldogs were affiliated with the Edmonton Oilers and had players like Ty Conklin, Jason Chimera, Fernando Pisani, and Ales Pisa on their roster.

I was at both of the double OT games that year, and being in the building for those extra two or three hours until the game has ended is an experience in itself. The concession stands have all been closed and most of the team employees sent home by the time the third period is half over, so there's no more food or drink to be had, except for maybe finding a water fountain that works. The contrast in emotional levels as the game wears on is huge-- going from practically biting your nails during the overtime periods themselves, knowing that any little mistake at all means a sudden end to the game, to then flat-lining during the 15-minute intermissions in between periods, when there's almost nothing to do but walk around inside a nearly empty building, wishing you could buy a Coke. If it's your team that wins, though, the feeling you get when the puck finally goes into the net is worth almost anything.

Roulette is fun and all, but no, those Russians had to take it one step further
Maxim Kondratiev with Hartford in '04-'05 (Chris Rutsch photo)

Kondratiev paces Pirates: Former Wolf Pack/Rangers defenseman Maxim Kondratiev had a 5-point night with a goal and four assists, as the Portland Pirates defeated the Providence Bruins in Game One of their first round series on Thursday night, 6-0.


Anonymous Joe Strummer said...

Boy another shitty euro haveing a great game.
And by the way alive or dead people still pay to hear me, and you well you need to stop paying people to be your friends (they still don't like you they only pretend).

4/21/06, 5:34 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

I guess being in the lame-ass Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame (besides having to carry Mick Jones' toothbrush all those years) is enough to make anyone bitter.

4/21/06, 9:49 AM

Anonymous fredorov fredburgerov said...

You bring up bad memories when you talk about the Hamilton Bulldog series.

The Pack were leading by one goal that second game at home with 7 seconds left in the game. Terry Virtue had the puck along the right half-boards in the Pack zone. He had a lot of open ice. There was no one pressuring him. He tried to back hand the puck out of the zone -- essentially whiffed, and the puck ended up on a Bulldog's stick -- walked in and scored (Mottau was the other dman). Of course, as mentioned, the Pack lost in OT.

Where was fedor fedorov when you need him?

4/21/06, 1:08 PM

Anonymous Topper Heddon said...

Your just jelous because were in lame or not and the 3 man jug bands you listen to have to sell cd's for 99 cents on ebay or are given away for free and nobody but you listens to them.

4/21/06, 2:25 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

When people begin leaving comments here pretending to be Tory Crimes, that's when I'll start to worry.

4/21/06, 3:05 PM


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