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Friday, May 19, 2006

Alexander Ovechkin Should Get One Right Eventually

Citizens of Anvilania, I stand before you-- because if I was behind you, you couldn't see me

With the semi-final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs beginning tonight, the four Russian prognosticators (Alexander Ovechkin, Andrei Nazarov, Valerie Bure, and Victor Fedorov) have returned with their predictions for the Conference Finals, as part of an ongoing pick 'em contest in Sport Express.

Obviously this forecasting business is a tough racket, as Ovechkin and Bure were the only ones who got even a single pick right in the previous round, with both of them picking Edmonton over San Jose. Nazarov and Fedorov each went O-for-4.

Eastern Conference Final: Carolina vs. Buffalo
Western Conference Final: Anaheim vs. Edmonton

Alexander Ovechkin: "My Stanley Cup Final: Afinogenov and Brysgalov"

"Of the two teams playing in the Eastern semi-final, I was more impressed with the way that Buffalo played in the first two rounds-- especially with the tempo of this team, and in particular the play of Maxim Afinogenov. Carolina is a good club, also, but Buffalo appears stronger to me, and I'm figuring on them being able to advance into the Finals.

"As for the West, Ilya Brysgalov is on top of his game, and to beat him will be very difficult. This will most likely be a very evenly-matched series, and one factor might be that Anaheim destroyed Colorado in four games, giving them a week off to get themselves very well-prepared.

"Buffalo in five, Anaheim in seven."

I was gonna make a speech, but I just can't be bothered anymore

Andrei Nazarov: "Edmonton will have problems with bad ice"

"The East matches up two similar team-- quick and explosive. I prefer Carolina's chances, since this is the team that knocked out New Jersey, who I had considered the best club in the Eastern Conference. Also, I'm hoping that, at long last, Carolina will free Oleg Tverdovsky from his reserve role.

"As for the West, since I played for Anaheim, I know how bad the ice in California can be during May. Edmonton is privleged with the best home ice in the league, and I think because of that they will have problems playing on the poor surface when the games are in California.

"Carolina in six, Anaheim in six."

The others:

Valerie Bure: Carolina in seven, Anaheim in seven

Victor Fedorov: Carolina in seven, Anaheim in seven


Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

I like that Alex is picking teams based on their Russian members. Does he not read hockey message forums?

In Russia, are they sitting around saying (in Russian) "the Oilers will never win. Too many Canadians. They don't care about the playoffs"?

5/20/06, 9:51 AM

Blogger Brushback said...

It's true-- Ovechkin and Nazarov always mention one of the Russian/Soviet players on each team as being the keys to winning (Ovechkin practically said that Kovalev was going to run all over Carolina in the first round). And Nazarov mentions Tverdovsky, who's barely played, but no one's talked about Vitaly Vishnevski at all.

Another thing about Alex's picks: in the first round, he touted Detroit as the team to beat, and they got knocked out. In the second round, he said, "Now Ottawa had no competition", and they got knocked out.

I also think it's kinda funny that Ovechkin said before the second round that he'd be pulling for Edmonton now that they'd upset Detroit, but already he's picking against them, with Anaheim.

5/20/06, 10:32 AM

Anonymous alanah said...

Ovechkin's picks are doomed, I promise you.

And how do I know this? Because they're the same as mine, and I've been consistently wrong about nearly everything this post season. :-)

5/20/06, 1:22 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

In Russia, are they sitting around saying (in Russian) "...Too many Canadians"?

Indeed, the Russians think there's too many Canadians-- on the Russian teams!

They're considering having a ban on foreign-born goaltenders by the '09-'10 season. Most of the top goalies in the Russian Super League last season were Canadian.

I made a mention of this at the end of this post:

5/20/06, 9:09 PM


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