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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Alexei Morozov to Red Wings?

Smokey, this is not Nam, this is bowling. There are rules
Alexei Morozov playing for Ak Bars vs. Lokomotiv

Alexei Morozov, the leading scorer for both the regular season and playoffs in the Russian Super League this past season, is "seriously interested" in playing for the Detroit Red Wings next season, according to an item that appeared earlier today in Sport Express. According to the item, Morozov is currently in the U.S., and will give Ak Bars Kazan until July 1st to offer a new contract.

Morozov, a restricted free agent in the NHL, is a one-time 20-goal scorer for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Morozov has been playing for Ak Bars Kazan (the current Russian Super League champions) over the last two seasons, and has previously stated his intentions to return to the NHL.


Blogger gsdgsd13 said...

The pre-2001 version of Morozov, I hope.

5/4/06, 9:34 PM

Blogger Brushback said...

Timewise, it'll have to be the post-'05-'06 version, though.

(Ho ho, I quack myself up)

5/5/06, 10:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he should return to the penguins all us penguins fans loved you and missed you and finally they are the team to beat talk to lemieux and get back with Penguins Morozov we miss you.

Your Biggest Fan P.Williams

4/7/07, 12:10 AM


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